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SiGMA’s Virtual Roadshow Launches with Ukraine on March 3

SiGMA is launching its inaugural Virtual Roadshow with Ukraine as the first stop. The group brings key stakeholders, experts and lawmakers to provide interested parties with the most relevant news and developments in the CIS region and Ukraine.

Virtual Roadshow by SiGMA to Launch with First Stop Ukraine

SiGMA Group is launching the next chapter of its development with the inaugural SiGMA Virtual Roadshow in Ukraine. This comes at a time that the country prepares for a massive rollout of its legalized gambling industry. Stakeholders are already excited at the opportunity of joining what is one of the world’s biggest untapped markets. Naturally, SiGMA is there to help.

With SiGMA’s assistance, stakeholders will be able to participate in the inaugural Ukraine version of the roadshow. The event is hosted on March 3, 2021 and running from 13:00 to 15:00 CET. Adding the CIS chapter, SiGMA’s Roadshow already plans to cover five core markets. Those include Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, apart from CIS.

SiGMA will use its expertise in the matter to bring recurrent mini-conferences lasting 2 hours every month. The company will first discuss important issues in the CIS region and Ukrainian gambling industry, including tax, regulation, challenges, and more.

To make sure stakeholders benefit from the format, SiGMA will tap into the talent of established academics, market leaders and policy makers, packing as much industry experience as possible in a single event. The company’s global commitment remains unaltered as well.

Bringing Top Talent for SiGMA Virtual Roadshow in Ukraine

For the upcoming virtual meet-up, SiGMA has already lined numerous important figures, including Artem Kuzmenko and Andrey Astapov from Eterna Law and the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine advisor, Boris Baum.

Anton Kuchukhidze, a political consultant, will be joining. CIS SiGMA director Denis Dzyubenko was happy with developments. He outlined the monumental importance the SiGMA Virtual Roadshow would play in the CIS region:

“This action puts Ukraine in line with other legal jurisdictions and opens many doors on how to start increasing the country’s treasury and opening doors to foreign investors and operators to consider Ukraine as a new, fresh destination point to set up business.”

SiGMA has the technological expertise to make things happen. The company has reported 330,000 people reached in the course of previous webinars and over 24,500 engaged users across 85 countries.

SiGMA recently rebranded its website to offer a more streamlined user experience. The company is also planning its European industrial expo for April 13 – 15. As usual, the full information about upcoming events can be found directly on SiGMA’s website.

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