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SiGMA Denis Dzyubenko to Help Steer Ukraine’s Gambling Industry

Ukraine’s gambling commission has appointed Denis Dzyubenko, SiGMA’s CIS Director, to the Expert Advisory Council.

Denis Dzyubenko to Sit on Advisory Council for Ukrainian Gambling Commission

Ukraine is quickly moving towards a fully regulated gambling industry and SiGMA Group is going to play a key role in this with the appointment of Denis Dzyubenko, CIS Director at SiGMA, as part of the Expert Advisory Council, part of the Ukrainian Gambling and Lotteries Commission.

Ukraine is in the process of finalizing its regulatory framework and has sought expertise from abroad, calling to its aid knowledgeable individuals and industry insiders. Dzyubenko’s own standing as part of the industry gives him a unique insight and comes with an expertise Ukraine’s burgeoning gambling market can benefit from.

The Expert Advisory Council will be a permanent body that will be a part of the commission and advise it on policies and the appropriate course of action across all verticals. The body will seek to provide directions to develop gambling regulations in the country in a way that benefits consumers and business.

Presently, the Expert Advisory Council features seven distinct additions, including Boris Baum, the Advisor to the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine and Tetiana Tyshchenko from Asters, a law firm. Other noteworthy additions include:

  • Anton Kuchukhidze, Head of Ukrainian Gambling Association
  • Andrey Astapov, Managing Partner at “ETERNA LAW” Firm
  • Alina Plyushch, Partner at “Saenko Kharenko” Law Firm
  • Mario Galea, Principal Consultant at “Random Consulting”

Seeing SiGMA represented in the Ukrainian gaming space has inspired Group Founder and CEO Eman Pulis to comment on the market as well as Dzyubenko’s involvement in the market:

“The CIS market is brimming with exciting legislative activity and we believe a lot in this region’s potential to become fully regulated. Years back we set up an office in Ukraine, headed by Mr. Denis Dzyubenko, and I’m very proud to notice that his efforts are being appreciated at such a high level.”

-SiGMA Group Founder and CEO Eman Pulis

SiGMA’s Ukrainian office is managing the company’s news portal in the region, Pulis said, adding that SiGMA’s commitment to the CIS market is unflagging.

Presently, around 30% of all attendees at SiGMA come from the CIS regions, making the region a crucial area of focus for the organization. Having Dzyubenko close with authorities on advising the right regulatory course will allow the organization to gain insight as well as help bring best practices to the country.

Early next year, the Ukrainian Gambling Week will hold the first industry expo reuniting hundreds of industry leaders. The trade fair will start with a keynote by Ivan Rudyi, head of the gambling commission.

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