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Ukraine to Hold Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 in Wake of Gambling Industry Legalization

Ukraine will hold its first gaming expo focusing on the country’s newly-regulated iGaming, sports betting and casino industries, with Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 taking place from February 24 to 25, 2021 in Kyiv.

The event, organized by Smile-Expo, will host the largest exhibition to date covering the industry and expecting over 3,000 attendees and 100 participating companies on 5,000 square meters of meeting space.

UGW 2021 will focus on presenting new technology focused on the gambling sector and discuss details about the new regulatory framework in the country, highlighting the advantages of the markets and their huge potential.

The exhibition will reunite the technological expertise of gambling hardware manufacturers, software developers, affiliate networks, payment aggregators, sportsbooks, gambling operators, banks, SEO agencies, law companies, consultancies, and many other interested parties with a focus on the industry.

UGW 2021 has negotiated multiple bidding players from the industry as attendees, including but not limited to IGT, Alfastreet, Gamebridge and Winsystems to name a few. Each specializes in a particular segment of the experience to provide consumers and business clients with benchmark solutions.

Marketing agency Digital Chain will serve as the official badge sponsor for the event and be available to discuss various business objectives with interested parties. Alpha Affiliates, a leading affiliate company in the iGaming space, will serve as UGW 2021’s official bracelet sponsor.

Conference, Lectures and Award Ceremony

The event will offer plenty of freeway to industry leaders to present findings and case studies helping shape the industry moving forward. Leading companies in the sector will deliver a range of keynotes, presentations, and panels to attendees.

UGW 2021 also features a crowning awards ceremony which will take place during the meet-and-greet party after the panels and presentations.

Interested in attending? Visit to sign yourself up and find out more about the upcoming event, get news updates, and stay in touch with the organizers.

In the meantime, feel free to tune in to the UGW Insider Podcast launched by Smile-Expo which will continue to follow in detail the evolving regulatory climate in the country. The podcast is hosted by UGW’s brand ambassador, Lavrenty Gubin.

Ukraine made headlines earlier this year after it announced that the government is pushing ahead with plans to legalize gambling in the country. On August 11, after several months of debates, Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed Bill 2285-d into law and set in motion the legalization of the industry.

The new law was enacted on August 13, and it has been subject to a few revisions to allow Ukraine to speed up the adoption process and make it easier for brands to enter into operation. The country has appointed executives for its new Gambling Commission in November, and the country is now on the tip of expanding.

UGW 2021 will capture the country’s first steps into legitimate gambling with a strong focus on the future where the world’s leading brands come to the country to offer a benchmark-standard product to consumers in the country.

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