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SiGMA Website Rebrand Reflects Global Commitment

In SiGMA Group’s latest website rebrand, the company reflects its ambition to continue catering to a global audience with a growing footprint worldwide.

SiGMA’s Global Commitment to Gaming Continues in Site Rebrand

SiGMA Group has launched its rebranded website as the organization’s commitment towards bringing a bona-fide iGaming industry experience continues. A natural continuation of its efforts so far, the website’s new look reflects the influence SiGMA has achieved over the years, and moves from a localized offer to a global significance with influence in all established and emerging gaming markets.

The new layout of the website comes with a holistic user experience and demonstrates the organization’s growth over the last year. The company’s footprint has increased to four continents in 2021 and supports 10 languages, making for a unified gaming industry from the world over.

Commenting on this development, SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis had this to say: “Finding synergy between a high output and multiple translations whilst maintaining quality content has been a logistical challenge.”

Moving forward Pulis, said, adaptability is a vital skill, and this is precisely what SiGMA has leveraged to come up with a forward-thinking site which reflects a “more globally-minded gaming industry.”

SiGMA Group COO Sophie Crouzet highlighted the organization’s commitment to bringing the right people on board, noting that several key individuals have been recruited to bolster the company’s footprint in places such as Kiev, Manila, Chicago, and beyond.

Rebranding is a part of the SiGMA’s DNA, Crouzet explained, and the company has been going through the same process every two years or so. Yet, the latest one is the  most exciting to date, Crouzet shared.

“Thinking about our growth, our expansion and about how many more eyes will be on SiGMA, we took our previous concept and cohesively united all the regions in this awesome artwork,” Crouzet added.

Quality Content Leads the Way in 2021

SiGMA Head of Content Katy Micallef shared in the enthusiasm of her colleagues, arguing that the team was thrilled to reveal the new redesign to audiences. She noted that commitment to quality content remained ever higher at SiGMA and the company is continuously investing significant resources to keep media coverage up to par, hiring proficient writers and translators, who can add value to media coverage, Micallef said.

The company has integrated its most recent initiative, SiGMA College, into its website, allowing free access to a portfolio of e-Learning courses that are available to anyone interested. This opportunity has been established with the help of the SiGMA Foundation, the organization’s charitable arm.

Content and news sharing remains an essential part of what SiGMA do and who they are. With their latest rebrand, this objective has been simplified, adding value to the user experience.

SiGMA’s ties in Ukraine are deepening ahead as the country is on its way to launching its fully-fledged gambling industry. Meanwhile, the organization had a small change of dates for its European industrial expo to April 13-15 to ensure better attendance from key stakeholders.


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