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SiGMA’s New Website Packs More Reporting Power

SiGMA’s revamped website set to become the go-to resource for all iGaming news and industry developments

New Website Brings SiGMA at Frontier of Industry Reporting

SiGMA.world has revealed the latest version of its website focusing on providing iGaming stakeholders globally with real-time information about the industry, part of a bigger rebranding effort. The reinvented home page look allows for simpler navigation and access to the main pages, including SiGMA Europe, SiGMA Asia, SiGMA Americas, and SiGMA Africa.

The media and event company now brings coverage in 10 languages, and continually seeks opportunities to expand into new markets. SiGMA has shaped itself as a competent leader in news coverage and a proponent of responsible gaming and regulated industry markets from across the market.

To improve the experience, SiGMA has added new features, including the “affiliate grand slam series,” that allow affiliate businesses to step up and have their voices heard. The panel offers insight into how affiliates run their businesses and leads to exchange of useful and helpful information between industry participants.

SiGMA is also stepping into game reviews, helping existing operators look for products that meet their standards. Moving forward, SiGMA is also planning to include coverage of more tech-savvy areas, including AI, Big Data, blockchain and crypto, IoT, VR, AR, and FinTech, to name a few.  

Owing to the popularity of land-based gaming, SiGMA is also expanding its coverage of retail businesses and dedicated panels and resources to cover this aspect of the industry. The M&A section continues to run at full bore, bringing insight from the world of iGaming and allowing prominent industry insiders to speak up their mind.

SiGMA.world now hopes to further cement its position as the go-to portal for iGaming and sports betting developments. In related news, the SiGMA Foundation is launching a diploma in iGaming through SiGMA College. SiGMA is presently preparing for the upcoming SiGMA Europe event which is going to take place on April 13-15.

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