December 7, 2022 3 min read


Rightlander Enters New Markets with Fresh Tradedoubler Agreement

Advertising and affiliate compliance expert Rightlander has announced a new partnership with the international affiliate marketing network Tradedoubler. The new alliance is meant to help Rightlander expand its foothold in new markets at a faster pace. At the same time, Tradedoubler will benefit from improved responsible gambling policies and better compliance with current regulations. 

Rightlander to Monitor Tradedoubler’s Content 

According to the new deal, Rightlander will work on revealing and closely monitoring a wide plethora of content across the special media sites that belong to Tradedoubler, along with its partner sites, Pay Per Click ad campaigns, video streaming content, instant messages, and email. Even more, Rightlander will also be busy keeping an eye on Tradedoubler’s live offers, checking their product pricing and descriptions for accuracy. This will allow them to determine whether Tradedoubler’s affiliate partners correctly follow the company’s guidelines. The overall procedure will guarantee that Tradedoubler will remain both accurate and compliant with all industry regulations. 

Speaking about the new partnership agreement, Tradedoubler’s director of international, publisher and network James Maley expressed their pleasure of turning into one of Rightlander’s clients. He also expressed their eagerness to create and nourish a “fruitful relationship” while continuing to prove their “commitment to strong network quality.” The company’s founder Ian Sims also expressed their delight at being able to welcome “such an established and prestigious name” part of the affiliate marketing industry as their new client. 

Tradedoubler Will Benefit from Automated Screening Solutions

As part of the new deal, Rightlander will also provide Tradedoubler with additional tools needed to remain compliant. The list includes Screen, an automated screening solution aimed at potential partners’ content prior to them being officially ushered in into Tradedoubler’s affiliate program. This way, Tradedoubler should manage to cut a number of risks including poor-quality traffic and damage to the brand. Screen relies on on-demand crawling technology used to verify affiliate sites for specific red flag markers along with fresh new content which does not pose a direct regulatory risk or represent a negative brand sentiment. With the help of crawlers, the system reaches deep into affiliate websites and identifies content that has not been moderated, profanities, hate speech, extremism, violence, pornography, controlled substances or prescription drugs mentions, and other red flags. After a fast and thorough assessment of these red flags, Tradedoubler will get to decide whether the respective affiliate is safe to work with. The same crawlers can be customized for filtering red flag terms and offering insights into the content on the website. 

Rightlander Screen is just one of the many top compliance tools developed by Rightlander as a means of assisting marketplaces and networks with providing content compliance for clients and merchants. In October, the company launched Smart Workbench, an innovative marketing compliance tool meant to cut the time needed to solve compliance issues. The topic is known to still trigger various concerns in many regulated markets, making these tools vital for any affiliate marketing network looking to expand.

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