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Rightlander Unveils Smart Workbench Marketing Compliance Tool

The leading expert in advertising and affiliate compliance, Rightlander, announced the launch of an innovative marketing compliance tool.

Rightlander Releases New Compliance Tool

On Monday, Rightlander revealed that it launched its new solution called Smart Workbench. The innovative tool leverages new technology and seeks to significantly reduce the tasks and workload for compliance. According to Rightlander, the new tool reduces analysis needs by approximately 80%, which ensures a faster work pace.

Every month Rightlander scans millions of pages within different global jurisdictions and analyzes them for potential issues related to compliance. Now, the company’s new tool will be able to learn from outcomes taken by operators which results in a decrease in the time needed to solve issues with compliance.

The introduction of the Smart Workbench allows it to learn from every action taken by the operator which in turn, decreases the time taken to solve compliance issues,

explains Rightlander

Smart Workbench Offers a Plethora of Functions

The innovative solution can flag different content including bonuses, misleading marketing proposals, logos, links and other content that may raise compliance issues. At the same time, Smart Workbench channelizes the data which is relevant to specific operators leaving out any unnecessary information. Rightlander’s new solution has the option to prioritize flagged issues and issue a report for the operator. This enables companies that use the software to make informed decisions without wasting valuable time.

But that’s not all. Smart Workbench can be an incredibly valuable tool for operators with smaller teams. This is because the solution offers to translate issues into foreign languages. This unique functionality will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable for operators working within multi-language jurisdictions. 

Additionally, the solution offers functionality for operators to resolve flagged issues as non-issues. Those actions are later on reviewed by the system which can take a similar decision for such issues in the future. Although the Smart Workbench will be initially available in the UK, launches in further markets are expected soon.

The Solution Is Expected to Bring Benefits to Operators

Ian Sims, Rightlander’s founder, deemed the new solution a game-changer. He explained that the company scans millions of pages to ensure the compliance of operators and flag potential issues. According to him, this year, Rightlander was focused on reducing the volume of data its compliance teams resolve without reducing the scan volumes.

Rightlander’s Smart Workbench not only weeds out around 80% of the false positives, it also learns from each action taken so that the time it takes to resolve compliance issues reduces very quickly over a short time.

Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander.com

Sims explained that the Smart Workbench removes nearly 80% of the falsely flagged positive issues. At the same time, the solution learns with operators’ decisions which reduces the time to resolve compliance issues in the future.


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