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Rightlander’s Screen to Support Brands’ Affiliate Compliance

Advertising and affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander announced this week the launch of its new service, Screen, aimed at helping brands in their efforts to assess partner suitability for inclusion and participation in affiliate programs.

‘The Right Type of Content on Site’

The launch of Screen will save time and resources for Rightlander customers by utilizing on-demand crawling technology to check their potential and current affiliation partners along a set of red flag markers.

“Screen represents a step change in the way that firms can filter their marketing partners to ensure that they have the right type of content on site.”

Ian Sims, Founder, Rightlander

Subjected to ever-increasing scrutiny by regulators, it is hard for networks, agencies and operators without dedicating significant time and resources to ensure their affiliate partners are conscious of their obligations all the time as they market their brands to customers.

Their marketing departments need tools to enable them to assess potential affiliate partners before signing agreements, as well as continue to monitor how their new partners comply with their obligations in an ethical way, and Screen provides the answer to both.

“Brands cannot afford to be tainted by affiliates who promote unsavory content and Screen provides a one-stop solution to help quickly and efficiently flag affiliates that don’t meet requirements necessary.”

Ian Sims, Founder, Rightlander

Customization Allows for Insights

Powered with capabilities to deep dive into websites and detect a wide range of unsuitable content, including profanity, hate speech, pornography, extremism, violence, controlled substances and drugs, Screen presents operators with the opportunity to quickly analyze a potential partner, as well as monitor if a partner is posting content that may represent a regulatory risk or negative brand sentiment.

An additional feature of Screen is its technology capability that allows for crawlers customization and enables operators to gain invaluable insight into the content posted on their affiliate partners’ websites to facilitate the suitability assessment of a particular affiliate. Screen crawlers can also identify pages within the website that offer optimal performance.

Since its debut in 2018, Rightlander expanded its presence across multiple locations worldwide and into different sectors, utilized by merchants, operators and networks in their perpetual efforts to stay on top of their affiliate compliance responsibilities.

In March, Rightlander announced the upcoming launch of its compliance and integrity tools in Ontario to assist brands to meet their social responsibility and player protection requirements as the Canadian province was preparing to officially go live.

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