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OneComply: Eight Regulators Are Using Data Repositories for Investigations

Compliance & licensing management platform OneComply has announced that thanks to customer-requested engagement, eight jurisdictions are now accessing applicant licensing information in the OneComply data repository to conduct their investigations. This means markets rely on OneComply to ensure their licensees are compliant.

OneComply’s Solutions Now Used by Regulators

OneComply said that the jurisdictions in question include six US states, namely Tennessee, Maryland, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and Indiana. All of their respective regulators accessed OneComply client data to conduct their regulations. The compliance specialist noted that its OneComply data repository ensures a highly secure and efficient process that prevents information leaks.

OneComply explained that every time a company submits a key person or business application for a gambling license, it is required to provide additional information to support the application. Previously, companies’ licensing staff had to manually go through the hustle of finding and organizing the requested information. In addition, they’d often have to resort to using third-party file-sharing software like Dropbox.

Fortunately, OneComply offers better solutions, allowing clients to store all of their regulatory information in their personal OneComply Document Repository. All its clients need to do is create a new folder inside their repository, copy the files already residing in OneComply and then securely share only the said folder with the respective regulator or investigator. Clients can afterward make the folder private once again, preventing leaks.

OneComply Cares about Its Clients’ Data

OneComply’s founder and chief executive officer, Cameron Conn, spoke about the value of his company’s solutions. He said that his team was always aware that OneComply’s solutions were not only helpful to operators but appreciated by regulators as well. Conn noted that many clients are happy that OneComply helps them simplify the usually arduous licensing tasks. Regulators, on the other hand, are beginning to realize the effectiveness of OneComply’s solutions when it comes to compliance investigations.

Conn reasserted that OneComply’s solutions protect clients’ data from being stolen.

This capability not only centralizes data access for regulators, but reduces exposure to our clients from copying private documents from multiple locations to external file-sharing sites. We look forward to more jurisdictions coming onboard to benefit from this important capability.

Cameron Conn, founder & CEO, OneComply

Out The Gate is one of OneComply’s many satisfied customers. Christopher Kape, the former company’s chairman and chief executive officer, called OneComply an important innovator that facilitates the compliance process.

In July, OneComply further strengthened its platform, integrating WhistleBlower’s ethics reporting alerts.


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