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Play-to-Earn Games Will Continue to Grow, Say ETH Game Devs

Ethereum blockchain games continue to grow at a quick pace, with the next 24 months expected to lead the way. Play-to-earn games both in and outside iGaming will remain the main source of interest.

Blockchain Games Create Digital Collectibles of Real-World Value

Speaking at the Ethereal Virtual Summit, a number of established Ethereum game developers, shared their opinions about the blockchain, anticipating a significant pick up in activities within 24 months.

Three developers spoke their minds about the future of Ethereum gaming and what positives the community can anticipate. According to Jeffrey Zirlin of Axie Infinity, blockchain-based games have inherent benefits that while not immediately perceived by the broader public, will definitely have their upsides.

Zirlin specifically mentioned play-to-earn games in which players can derive real-world value. He further mentioned his company’s plans to s subsidize games to build the value of their proprietor products. Zirlin drew parallels between collectible card games, such as Magic: The Gathering, and explained that blockchain digital assets have no entry barrier.

Fun Mountain Ethereum slot by FunFair Technologies.

Running a Business out of ETH Wallets

Players can run “digital collectibles business” straight of their Ethereum wallets, Zirlin clarified. The pattern can be used in blockchain games, by providing players with assets to compel them to play more.

Commenting on the current rate of developments, Zirlin said he expected a healthy growth over the following 24 months. Ben Heidorn, a developer at Blockade Games, objected, though, arguing that the rate of growth was closer to a crawl.

Nevertheless, he said success seemed close at hand and added that blockchain companies specializing in game development would find the necessary player bases to tap into. Similar to Zirlin’s opinion, Heidorn said that companies will find new ways to incentivize consumers into signing up for games that offer assets that have real value.

Peter Kieltyka of Horizon Games has described blockchain games as a powerful Web3 onboarding opportunities for new players. Estimated 80% of people haven’t had any opportunity to explore blockchain, Kieltyka observed.

He pointed out that games such as SkyWeaver, in which players can create digital collectibles and trade them, were increasingly popular.

Blockchain Gaming Technology Where You Win Real Money

FunFair Technologies is an example of how blockchain gamification fits the “play-to-earn” model. The company has developed a dedicated blockchain platform that powers a number of cryptocurrency casinos based on the proprietor FUN digital asset.

FunFair has also created software that allows the developments of a number of unique iGaming titles. FunFair recently concluded a localization targeting the Japanese market, the second-largest in terms of Bitcoin volume traded against the national currency (JYP).

To guarantee the scalability of the project, FunFair integrated MoonPay to allow debit and credit card payments and facilitate onboarding. Lastly, the company eliminated the platform fees known as GAS in the aptly named “Death to GAS” update.

It’s worth mentioning that at this point, FunFair focuses exclusively on crypto gambling whereas Zirlin, Heidorn, and Kieltyka discussed Ethereum blockchain games in general.


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