January 5, 2022 2 min read

Intelitics VP of Sales Allan Petrilli Weighs in On the Future of Gaming Data (Podcast #17)

Allan Petrilli, the VP of sales and growth for Intelitics, sat down with GamblingNews before the end of 2021. The leading real-time tracking and data reporting company has become a major component in the iGaming space and will continue to add new ground as the industry evolves.

Intelitics provides tools that allow iGaming brands to increase their reach and expand their market positions. This is possible through a unique set of tools that is able to compile and analyze data to help operators make smarter decisions. In addition to the strong acquisition capabilities, the operators also gain access to options that improve retention.

Intelitics recently gained access to the US market. It has partnered with PlayStar in New Jersey, one of several companies that are helping it grab onto the still-young US industry. 2022 and 2023 are likely to bring significant advances to the market, which will also provide new opportunities for Intelitics to expand throughout the region.

The North American market isn’t the company’s only target. It is already working with operators in Europe and other regions. As more operators begin to understand the need to be able to process large amounts of data to be competitive, Intelitics is constantly finding new channels of success to build its business out further.

The next couple of years is going to be key for Intelitics’ growth, as well as the growth of the iGaming industry. A lot of changes are coming and, as operators shift gears from acquisition to retention, they are relying more on the data-gathering capabilities Intelitics can provide.


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