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Genius Sports Enters Deal Extension Negotiations with Football DataCo

Extension of the agreement remains subject to contract and approval of the leagues and their respective clubs

Genius Sports, a leading data, technology and broadcast partner to the global ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, announced that it has entered an exclusive period of negotiation with Football DataCo (DataCo), the data rights holder of English and Scottish soccer.

The negotiations will see the two parties discuss their official betting data partnership and decide whether to extend it by another five years.

The agreement, originally signed in 2019, has allowed Genius Sports to collect and distribute low-latency data from DataCo leagues. For reference, the latter company holds the rights for noteworthy soccer events, such as the English Premier League (EPL), the English Football League (EFL) and the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

As a result, Genius Sports has, for five years, supplied key soccer data to its betting partners across the world. Successful negotiations would extend the agreement between Genius Sports and DataCo by another five years, allowing the former company to continue offering soccer data through the 2029 season.

Genius Sports added that the agreement remains subject to contract and approval of the leagues and their respective clubs.

Genius Sports Has Cemented Its Position as a Leading Data Company

In other news, Genius Sports published its FY 2023 results, reporting increases across the board. The data partner’s financials exceeded earlier expectations, allowing the company to end the year with group revenue of $413 million.

According to CEO Mark Locke, the company is now better positioned than ever to benefit from multiple structural growth drivers across the digital sports ecosystem. He is optimistic that Genius Sports will be able to maintain its momentum into 2024.

In February, Genius Sports also signed a landmark distribution deal with Sports Information Services (SIS), a leading supplier of 24/7 live betting services. Under that agreement, Genius Sports secured the right to distribute SIS’s Competitive Gaming product.

Previously, Genius Sports launched Edge, an innovative automated pricing solution.


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