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Genius Sports Unveils Edge, an Automated Pricing Solution

Other tools fail to properly optimize the multitude of sporting events and squeeze the maximum margin out of every bet, Genius Sports believes

Genius Sports has unveiled a brand new automated pricing solution, revolutionizing the online betting market. The tool is called Edge and, according to the company, is the first of its kind.

According to Genius Sports, Edge will maximize profits over unlimited sports events and bets. The solution is capable of recalculating odds at a fixture and market-type level in real time, optimizing the profitability of bets and bet builders.

Edge seeks to be an improved pricing tool, outclassing existing risk management solutions that limit players. According to Genius Sports, current tools fail to properly optimize the multitude of sporting events and squeeze the maximum margin out of every bet.

The solution was already trialed by Genius Sports clients who discovered that Edge leads to an 18% average increase in margins.

Edge is now available either as a standalone solution or as a part of Genius Trading Services. 

Edge Will Optimize Operators’ Profits

Thomas Holland, Genius Sports’ product director, commented on the new solution, saying that his team is excited to roll this “ground-breaking solution” out across its network of partners.

We feel that current risk management services are managing risk by limiting bookmakers and customers. That is a real problem. It leaves money on the table for operators, who end up rejecting good bets and creates a frustrating on-platform experience for bettors.

Thomas Holland, product director, Genius Sports

Holland reaffirmed that Edge will maximize in-play betting profits. At the same time, losses will be minimized on bad days, he assured the company’s partners.

The release of Edge follows last year’s launch of the company’s BetVision product. Introduced in September, the latter tool revolutionized NFL betting, allowing sports fans to enjoy low latency live game video streams that are enhanced with betting odds and betslips.

BetVision was quickly rolled out with a number of operators, including FanDuel, which added the solution to its premium NFL offering.

The growth of sports and sports betting in the United States continues to provide Genius Sports with ample opportunities to innovate and grow.


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