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Genius Sports Revolutionizes NFL Betting with BetVision

BetVision users will be able to enjoy low latency live game video streams that are enhanced with betting odds and betslips

Genius Sports, a leading sports data and technology provider, has unveiled BetVision, a solution that combines streaming and betting to create immersive wagering experiences. According to the company’s announcement, BetVision pairs live streams with integrated bet slips, statistical insights and real-time augmentations within a single interactive player.

BetVision will first hit the market in the United States, allowing local fans to see the National Football League in a new light. A true innovation, BetVision will allow sports punters to place wagers from within the live video player in the sportsbook app, revolutionizing the way players experience wagering.

BetVision users will be able to enjoy low latency live game video streams that are fully equipped with betting odds and betslips. Engagement will be further enhanced by in-game betting alerts and on-screen offers, allowing fans to grab important opportunities while still following the live game.

As a result, BetVision will provide US bettors with unprecedented convenience, allowing them to never skip a beat or miss out on a wagering opportunity.  

BetVision Is Highly Customizable

BetVision currently covers the NFL and is available on mobile and tablet devices. The product boasts live augmentations, including data-driven insights, graphic overlays and visualizations. Customization features allow consumers to create a viewing experience that is tailored to their personal likings.

Genius Sports promised that more features and functionalities will be added as the NFL season progresses.

Caesars Sportsbook and Fanatics Sportsbook will inaugurate the product, showcasing its qualities to the betting community.

Genius Sports Is Certain the New Product Will Change NFL Betting

The product’s arrival was praised by Brent Lawton, the NFL’s vice president of business development and strategic investment. He said that the league is pleased to be Genius’ first BetVision content partner as the provider continues to develop state-of-the-art betting experiences.

BetVision allows us to create a differentiated way for fans to engage with NFL content.

Brent Lawton, VP of business development and strategic investment, NFL

Mark Locke, Genius Sports’ chief executive officer, also expressed his excitement about the launch, promising that BetVision will usher in a “new era of immersive sports experiences.”

The launch brings together our capabilities across data tracking, video streaming, live data and sports wagering to create a game-changing product for sportsbooks. Sports fans and bettors alike increasingly demand personalized interaction, greater customization and deeper insights combined with an ability to strike a bet seamlessly.

Mark Locke, CEO, Genius Sports

Mark Locke concluded that BetVision is the only solution that combines all of the aforementioned features in a single product, providing sportsbooks with a new way to drive engagement.

Earlier this month, Genius Sports teamed up with Snap to release a Verizon-exclusive lens.


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