Intelitics Integrates GiG’s Data Broker in an Industry First

Intelitics, user acquisition and affiliate program, has become the first in the industry to integrate Gaming Innovation Group’s Data Broker solution. The partnership will enable any GiG customers to integrate with Intelitics and benefit from the latter’s real-time data access and insights into delivering better business results and models.

Data Broker and Intelitics Create Real-Time Data Solutions

GiG Data Broker focuses on providing an event-driven and real-time stream of data points that will now be incorporated into Intelitics’ own back-end platform. There will no longer be any need to manually upload the data and thus slow down the experience. This collaboration will lead to robust and consistent data sets that will power up the entire offer and bring a holistic view of each business’ performance which will, in turn, boost results across the board.

Intelitics VP of sales and growth Allan Petrilli welcomed this opportunity and he spoke highly of GiG’s Data Broker solution and what it brings to the business. Petrilli also made a point of the fact that Intelitics was the first to be integrating it:

We’re proud to be the first user-acquisition tracking platform to integrate the GiG Data Broker, and we’re sure it will lead to more secure and seamless integrations, as well as giving our customers fully, real-time access to all the data points they need.

Intelitics VP of sales and growth Allan Petrilli

GiG Happy about New Partnership Opportunity

The partnership was welcomed by GiG director of sales and business development Martin Collins who said that the partnership with Intelitics is appreciated. Thanks to Intelitics, GiG partners will be able to draw real-time data and information, Collins noted.

“We’re indelibly linked to the innovation and ingenuity of our solutions, so it’s a continued source of pride to be able to keep pushing new ground,” he concluded. Real-time data plays crucial data in helping guide policies and business strategies. Affiliates, paid media teams and operators all need data that comes to them instantly so they can leverage it to build new campaigns, generate new leads, and boost a brand’s reach and engagement.

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