October 11, 2022 3 min read

Mohegan Digital Canada Inks Deal with Intelitics

The leading performance marketing and analytics platform provider, Intelitics, announced a major deal with Mohegan for the Canadian market.

Intelitics to Supply Mohegan’s Brand PlayFallsview with Solutions

Last week, the provider agreed to deliver its performance marketing and analytics platform for Mohegan Digital Canada and power the operator’s PlayFallsview brand in Ontario, Canada. As a result, PlayFallsview will leverage Intelitics’ data-driven premium products, as well as innovative platform. The terms of the new deal sees Intelitics supply its player tracking and real-time media campaign monitoring solutions.

In addition, PlayFallsview’s affiliate partners will also gain access to Intelitics’ real-time data and “flexible pixel tracking.” According to the leading marketing solutions provider, the new collaboration will deliver significant value for PlayFallsview and its brands and help them with customer acquisition. Last but not least, the new collaboration will help the brand and its affiliates by allowing them to easily monitor and manage their campaigns.

The Duo Will Benefit from the Recent Deal

Mohegan Digital’s president, Richard Roberts, predicted that PlayFallsview’s sportsbook and online casino will continue to grow in the regulated gaming market in Ontario and become a leading brand. He explained that the market in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is competitive. Considering the competitiveness of the market, Roberts pointed out that the efforts related to customer acquisition are vitally important. Last but not least, he outlined that the solutions and tools offered by Intelitics will help the brand grow further and capitalize on the market.

In such a highly competitive market, effective customer acquisition is essential and in Intelitics we have a proven partner whose technologies and tools will allow us to maximize player engagement activity.

Richard Roberts, president of Mohegan Digital

Allan Petrilli, Intelitics’ VP of sales and growth, explained that the company is thrilled to be selected as a partner for Mohegan Digital Canada. According to him, the new deal will bring benefits for Mohegan’s brand that will have the ability to leverage Intelitics’ leading solutions in combination with its well-established reputation.

We are thrilled to have been chosen by Mohegan Digital Canada to drive customer acquisition efforts for PlayFallsview.

Allan Petrilli, VP of sales and growth at Intelitics

Speaking about the market in Ontario, Petrilli predicted that it will grow further. He pointed out that the recent deal with Mohegan helps Intelitics solidify its place as a leading provider of customer acquisition and retention solutions for operators within the market.


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