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DATA.BET to Arrive at ICE and Showcase Esports Betting Products

ICE welcomes DATA.BET, a supplier of esports betting data, on February 4 through February 6, giving the company an opportunity to showcase its products.

DATA.BET to Showcase Esports Data Products at ICE

ICE London will welcome a multitude of companies, among which esports data supplier DATA.BET. The company revealed its plans to attend the trade expo earlier this week, where it will provide interested parties with an opportunity to test its products live.

DATA.BET, operating as a subsidiary of GG.Bet, an esports-focused betting portal, will attend and demonstrate its products during the GG.Bet ICE Challenge, a Counter-Strike tournament focused on showcasing the full potential of the DATA.BET matrix.

The company is excited to offer attendees an opportunity to see why DATA.BET could soon be the largest provider of data insofar as esports are concerned. Presently, the supplier feeds 7,500 matches, posts 4,500 live odds and tends to the needs of 600 betting markets across 20 different competitive gaming products every month.

DATA.BET has invited a number of high-profile teams to join the event, including OG, Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere and Mousesports among others. Speaking to the press, DATA.BET Chief Business Development Officer, Tetyana Pshevlotska, has highlighted the rapid expansion of esports and the significance of the segment as a whole to investors.

Pshevlotska said that the company has been providing clients with personalized packages and solutions and the team would be excited to meet with interested parties on February 4 through February 6 when ICE takes place.

The Potential of Esports Betting Markets Still Not Reached

A number of suppliers and betting companies have emerged in the past few years. Some, such as Luckbox, have even been endorsed by the community as trustworthy websites to place a wager.

Yet, despite a foreseen boom in the segment, there has been no actual development allowing analysts to pinpoint the esports betting market.

Many have reiterated a common mantra, i.e. a rapid expansion of the market. Nevertheless, data shows that terms such as “Dota 2 betting” get 4 million hits on Google whereas “NFL betting” sports some 66 million searches. Even League of Legends, a game with arguably more accommodating gameplay and friendlier learning curve than Dota 2, only has 10 million queries related to esports gambling.

According to an Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, LLC report posted back in 2016, the global esports betting market is $7.5 billion. Given the recent spike in activities, this number could be outdated, and black markets may still be operating. On the plus side, Eilers & Krejcik published their “Why Americans Do (And Don’t) Bet On Sports,” survey in September 2019.

Based on their findings, 27% of mainstream American gamblers have also reported placing a wager on esports in the past twelve months leading up to the survey interview.

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins speaking to Bloomberg about the potential of esports betting.

In the meantime, companies such as DATA.BET continue to develop data-driven solution that have multiple applications and could help teams improve their own results.

Newzoo, arguably the largest esports-insights-focused analyst company is yet to publish a survey that focuses exclusively on the gambling aspects of esports, which has prompted some observers today to believe that esports betting has not reached a point where it is important enough, even though a lot of companies have been pushing forth with innovative products.

Most recently, Winners.bet has been given the go-ahead to set-up base of operation in Malta, and Midnite, a company that has developed popular DFS app Dribble, has raised additional $2.5 million to invest in esports betting products.

One pressing question remains – will the generations who play competitive video games actually give up on the concept of gambling altogether?

What’s known for a fact is that the esports generation is too smart to fall for traditional marketing ploys.


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