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DATA.BET Launches Player Props for VALORANT

The new product will change how esports aficionados experience betting

DATA.BET, a leader in esports betting data, has unveiled Player Props for Riot Games’ VALORANT. First introduced in February for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the supplier’s Player Props product seeks to redefine esports wagering as a whole.

DATA.BET’s partners with a presence in the VALORANT sector have already adopted the innovative feature.

Player Props allow bettors to place innovative bets that are different from the traditional team-based wagers. Instead, Player props allow customers to engage in personalized bets, placing wagers on specific actions of each team member.

For example, Player Props allow players to wager on the Total Kills and/or Total Deaths of a specific player by the end of each map.

Player Props Will Revolutionize VALORANT Betting

DATA.BET’s introduction of Player Props for VALORANT will provide esports bettors and gambling operators with many new opportunities and advantages. The new product, the company believes, turns esports wagering into something much more personal, allowing consumers to bet on the actions of their favorite players.

Companies, on the other hand, can use this individualized approach to attract more esports aficionados. By adding Player Props to their content offering, operators effectively provide players with diversified content offerings. The feature, DATA.BET said, also “empowers companies to hold more personalized and engaging marketing campaigns” and set themselves apart from their competitors.

Finally, DATA.BET noted that Player Props represent an opportunity to improve betting turnover.

DATA.BET’s chief product officer, Alex Kozachenko, commented on the launch of Player Props for VALORANT. According to him, this reflects his company’s “commitment to innovation and personalized engagement in the esports betting sector.”

Kozachenko concluded that the feature will help gambling companies differentiate themselves from their rivals:

We believe that this feature not only enriches the user experience but also presents a significant opportunity for operators to stand out and thrive in this competitive landscape.

Alex Kozachenko, CPO, DATA.BET

At the beginning of 2023, DATA.BET unveiled a major partnership agreement with Bayes Esports. Under the deal, the latter company supplied the former party with official CS:GO data, allowing it to improve its offerings. A month later, DATA.BET introduced CS:GO Player Props, further expanding its product portfolio.


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