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Google Avoids $800K Fine in Italy for Alleged Gambling Ad Breaches

After it was threatened with a $800,000 fine in Italy over alleged breaches of the Dignity Decree, Google won its appeal in court that effectively cancelled the penalty

A few years ago, in 2019, the government in Italy implemented the Dignity Decree of 2018, a new form of restriction that effectively banned any form of gambling-related advertising. The blanket ban applied to the land-based, as well as the online sector and included prohibition for gambling advertising via radio and TV as well. The tough regulation came along with hefty fines which may be enforced against companies that breach the established regulations.

After the implementation of the gambling advertising blanket ban, Italy’s Communications Authority, AGCOM, sought to impose a €750,000 ($803,400) fine against Google. At the time, the Authority claimed that Google’s media and advertising platforms promoted different gambling-related content to customers in Italy. Such promotion, in light of the Dignity Decree, was in breach of the regulations, which resulted in the fine.

The US tech giant disagreed with AGCOM’s claims and filed an appeal, contesting the hefty fine that was imposed. Supporting its claim that it did not breach the established regulations, Google said that the promotional gambling content via links on YouTube was the result of the actions of third-party, independent advertisers. Moreover, Google argued that it never violated the Dignity Decree in the country directly.

Based on these grounds, the court cancels the fine initially imposed by AGCOM,

ruled the Administrative Court of Lazio, Rome, Italy

Now, as reported by SBC News, the Administrative Court of Lazio ruled in favor of Google. A court decision confirmed that the company was competent and effective when it came to the removal of illegal gambling promotions from its platforms.

Moreover, the court acknowledged that Google changed its terms and conditions applicable to Italian-facing partners. As a result of the comprehensive actions taken by the company, the Administrative Court ruled against the fine imposed by AGCOM, effectively canceling the penalty.

Elsewhere, on a similar matter, the US tech giant confirmed it does not allow gambling ads in India. Late last year, the company reaffirmed that it doesn’t offer any gambling advertisements via its digital channels in the country, which is in line with the established regulations.


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