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UKGC Launches Three Groups to Address Safe Gambling

Three new groups will address issues of the UK’s gambling market to encourage safe gambling.

UKGC Establishes Working Groups to Promote Safe Gambling

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has been working hard recently to make the online gambling market a safer place for players. In addition to announcing a ban on credit card transactions and a requirement for all operators to obtain GamStop memberships, the commission has now launched three groups that will focus on ensuring that responsible gambling is promoted across the country.

Problem gambling across the United Kingdom have been on the rise for quite some time. It has been a serious issue for years and now the UKGC is taking action to prevent things from getting worse.

Three Working Groups

The three groups will look at different aspects of the online gambling market. Gaming operators are on board with the establishment of the groups and will cooperate to help the UKGC achieve its goals.

“Consumer behaviour and technology are changing so quickly that only a bold and innovative approach will allow us to achieve a reduction in the numbers of people experiencing, or at risk from, gambling related harm. I’ve been encouraged by the willingness of so many operators to work with us on these challenges”

– Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Commission

The group focused on safer products will take a look at game design to help determine how the gambling market can create safer games for players to enjoy. The members of the group will be investigating techniques for designing apps and services that mitigate risks, and will outline what is and is not acceptable in online gambling products.

There will also be a group focused on promoting safer advertising online. This one will explore ways in which to reduce the amount of gambling advertising that is seen by young people and vulnerable individuals online and on social media.

Finally, there will be a group that looks at VIP incentives. This group will explore the various bonuses and promotions offered by online gambling operators, and determine how to make them safer and fairer. Recently, some online gaming sites have been found to be using risky methods to attract players via promotions and offering VIP incentives to players who at likely to be problem gamblers.

With these three groups in place, the UKGC aims to make the online gambling market a safer place for players. The commission wants to ensure that customers can enjoy their online gaming experience without being targeted by predatory marketing tactics and game mechanics – and, these groups will ensure that this is the case.


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