Beach Soccer Worldwide Inks Partnership with Genius Sports

Beach Soccer Worldwide and the leading sports data technology company, Genius Sports Group, inked a long-term partnership today. Under the agreement, Genius acquires the exclusive rights to distribute live data and broadcast it to its network of sportsbook partners.

BSWW Inks a Multi-Year Partnership with Genius Sports Group

The leading sports data and technology company, Genius Sports Group, announced today that it entered into a multi-year partnership with Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW). BSWW is recognized by FIFA as the major entity behind the global sport of beach soccer and undoubtedly the new partnership will lead to the development of the sport.

As a result, more than 500 games within the regulated betting industry will be commercialized. Furthermore, the partnership grants Genius exclusive rights to distribute live data and broadcast it to the company’s global network of over 150 sportsbook partners.

The distribution will feature the Mundialito de Clubes, Euro Winners Cup, Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, and many other major events played around the world. With that in mind, beach soccer is in fact one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The sport is rapidly expanding its TV coverage and by now it is aired in more than 170 countries across the globe.

Besides the current deal, only recently, Genius inked a similar agreement with the American Hockey League (AHL). The company continued to expand its footprint across leagues and under the agreement, it acquired exclusive rights to capture real-time team and play statistics for betting purposes.

Beach Soccer Enters in a New Era

In a statement, Joan Cusco, President of Beach Soccer Worldwide revealed that beach soccer enters a new era with this new partnership. According to him, the value of the data and stats are going to significantly boost the experience that the game offers to its fans. In conclusion, Cusco said that BSWW is sure that the new agreement will bring exciting new possibilities for the sport in the years to come.

As a global technology business, we pride ourselves on providing our sports and betting partners alike with valuable solutions and round-the-clock content.

Sean Conroy, Commercial Director at Genius Sports Group

According to the Commercial Director of Genius Sports Group, Sean Conroy, the company is proud to provide its sports and betting partners with valuable solutions and continuous content. Furthermore, he outlined that the company is excited to expand its global partnership network into beach soccer. In conclusion, Conroy said that Genius looks forward to playing a key role in the expansion of BSWW.

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