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Genius Sports Teams up with IBIA, Becomes an Associate Member

Genius Sports highlighted the importance of cooperation and information sharing, describing them as “vital pillars to safeguarding the global sports industry” from match-fixing and fraud

Genius Sports has signed a global sports betting integrity information sharing and anti-match-fixing partnership with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). The agreement will also cement the former company as the association’s latest associate member.

According to the announcement, the agreement will create a “powerful alliance” that brings together one of the biggest sports tech companies with the world with the largest sports integrity monitoring body.

Under the deal, Genius Sports and the IBIA will share information about suspicious betting activity from their monitoring and intelligence platforms. The partnership also includes access to certain technological resources and integrity reports and includes the potential for collaboration on a global level.

Genius Sports, whose Q1 result exceeded all expectations, partners with some 150 sports leagues and federations, such as the NFL, Premier League, PGA Tour and DFB. Genius Sports already excels in the provision of 24/7 bet monitoring and reporting and will be a valuable partner to the IBIA.

The IBIA, on the other hand, encompasses dozens of leading betting companies and over a hundred betting brands. Its members generate over $300 billion in betting turnover a year and account for approximately half of all global regulated land-based gaming and sports betting, as well as for over 50% of the online market.

The Two Partners Will Protect Sports from Fraud

Simon Martyn, Genius Sports’ director of integrity and rights enforcement, praised the partnership with the IBIA. He highlighted the importance of cooperation and information sharing, describing them as “vital pillars to safeguarding the global sports industry” from match-fixing and fraud.

Our partnership with the IBIA will provide us and our partners with greater transparency over global betting patterns, helping to identify, manage and prevent any integrity threats.

Simon Martyn, director of integrity and rights enforcement, Genius Sports

Meanwhile, Khalid Ali, IBIA’s chief executive officer, said that the agreement with Genius Sports is an important development. He emphasized that it brings together two leading global players in the sports technology and betting integrity environments that have a clear focus on shielding sports from fraud and corruption.

The addition of Genius Sports as an Associate member of IBIA is particularly welcome given the breadth of its sporting and integrity relationships across North and South America, which will assist IBIA’s operational expansion across those regions.

Khalid Ali, CEO, IBIA

The IBIA was also recently joined by Novibet ahead of the company’s bid for a license in Brazil.


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