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Novibet Joins IBIA Ahead of Brazil License Bid

Brazil’s regulations require all companies that wish to offer sports betting to join an international integrity body

Novibet, a major online sports betting operator, has become the latest member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). This move comes ahead of Novibet’s bid for a license in Brazil.

For context, Brazil’s regulations require all companies that wish to offer sports betting to join an international integrity body. As a result, multiple sportsbooks wishing to tap into sports betting in the LATAM country have joined the IBIA or other similar organizations.

As IBIA’s latest member, Novibet joins an international family of more than 50 companies and over 125 betting brands. In addition to setting the brand up for launch in the South American country, the IBIA membership attests to Novibet’s commitment to integrity and the highest industry standards.

IBIA, for context, is a non-profit organization that unites betting operators, creating an international network committed to promoting integrity. This network is an effective AML tool that allows member companies to work together to identify suspicious matches and betting patterns and intervene where needed.

IBIA members have a collective betting turnover of more than $300 billion a year, accounting for roughly half of the global commercial regulated online and retail betting.

The Association Is Pleased to Welcome the Bookmaker 

Novibet’s chief international officer, Panagiotis Skyrlas, commented on this development, saying that it aligns with his team’s commitment to transparency. He added that Novibet will continue to strive to be an exemplary company when it comes to online betting integrity and excellence.

By aligning ourselves with IBIA, we are reinforcing our vision to uphold the highest standards and to lead by example. We believe that by working closely with IBIA, we can further elevate trust and confidence in the industry, ensuring that our customers always have a fair and secure betting experience with us.

Panagiotis Skyrlas, chief international officer, Novibet

Khalid Ali, IBIA’s chief executive officer, lauded Novibet as an established name in the online wagering sector. As a result, the company brings a global customer base that will be of “significant value” to IBIA’s monitoring network.

IBIA is therefore delighted that Novibet has joined the association and welcomes the operator’s commitment to utilizing the best integrity protection available globally for its sports betting products.

Khalid Ali, CEO, IBIA

Ali added that ensuring integrity is “paramount” to IBIA’s approach. Because of that, he is looking forward to integrating Novibet within the monitoring system.

In other news, a recent IBIA study suggested that liberal markets have better channeling rates.


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