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Yolo Group Prepares to Enter Brazil, Joins IBIA

Yolo Group highlighted the importance of protecting sporting events from fraud

Yolo Group has become the latest member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) ahead of launching in Brazil. Boasting offices across Estonia, Malta, Brazil, Australia and Guernsey, the group sought to comply with Brazil’s sports betting requirements.

As Brazil prepares to launch regulated sports betting, it requires licensed operators to engage with an integrity monitoring body, such as the IBIA. As a result, many new operators joined the ranks of the international organization.

By becoming a part of the IBIA, Yolo Group joins some 50 companies and over 125 leading sports betting brands. IBIA member operators already account for over 60% of the online gambling activity in Brazil, according to data from H2 Gambling Capital. This places the IBIA in a favorable position to protect the integrity of Brazil’s wagering market.

For reference, recent IBIA members include companies such as the esports betting specialist Oddin.gg and operators KTO and Galera.bet.

IBIA Welcomes Yolo Group  

Matthew D’Emanuele, CEO Yolo Entertainment at Yolo Group, explained that his team takes betting integrity very seriously. Because of that, joining the IBIA is a major milestone for the group, D’Emanuele explained, highlighting the importance of protecting sporting events from fraud.

Our industry relies upon safeguarding sporting competition, and we’ll be working closely with the IBIA to provide all the support we can to help provide a fun, fast and fair environment for sports betting.

Matthew D’Emanuele, CEO Yolo Entertainment at Yolo Group

Khalid Ali, IBIA’s chief executive, welcomed Yolo Group as the latest member of the association. He praised the group for its decision to position itself among some of the world’s best operators and commit itself to high integrity standards.

Ali noted that Yolo Group’s decision to join the IBIA demonstrates its desire to utilize the best integrity protection available globally for its sports betting product. In addition, Yolo Group will now reinforce IBIA’s leading integrity monitoring network.

The association looks forward to working closely with the operator to protect it from corrupt betting activity both on a global stage and in relation to specific markets such as Brazil.

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA

In other news, the IBIA recently published its 2023 report, saying that it has filed a total of 184 alerts, proving that 74 matches were corrupted. These figures are significantly lower than the ones recorded a year ago, attesting to the efficacy of the IBIA’s methods in discouraging fraud.


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