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KTO Fulfils Provisional Measure Requirements, Joins IBIA

The move fulfils KTO’s obligation to join an international monitoring body

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) announced its latest member, a LATAM-oriented sports betting brand called KTO. Originally founded in 2018, the sportsbook has an extensive presence in Brazil and is one of the top 10 online gambling companies in the country.

This move is in line with Brazil’s recently-introduced provisional measure that requires all sports betting operators to join an international integrity body. Thanks to the measure, Brazilian operators flocked to the IBIA, strengthening its global monitoring capabilities. For example, the body just welcomed, a Brazilian sports betting brand.

As a member of the IBIA, KTO joins an international family encompassing around 50 companies and more than 125 sports betting brands. The IBIA members already account for over 60% of the Brazilian remote gambling market.

As a result, the IBIA is now able to provide an accurate analysis and effective deterrent against betting fraud in Brazil and Latin America as a whole. The body leverages state-of-the-art anti-corruption tools to identify and report suspicious activities in regulated betting markets.

To make sure that its members are reliable, the IBIA requires all applicants to pass a strict due diligence process and commit to its code of conduct.

KTO Is Glad to Join the IBIA

KTO’s managing director Jeff Tabone commented on the development, saying that his team is glad to join the IBIA. According to Tabone, KTO’s team believes this to be an important step for his company as it seeks to uphold the highest integrity standards in Brazil.

Trust has always been a cornerstone of the KTO Brand and joining the IBIA signifies our commitment to a safe and transparent environment for our customers and the wider industry.

Jeff Tabone, MD, KTO

Meanwhile, IBIA’s chief executive officer Khalid Ali welcomed KTO on board and praised its decision to join the monitoring body. He said that the move will solidify IBIA’s presence in the LATAM region and Brazil in particular.

The association looks forward to working closely with KTO and welcomes the operator’s commitment to protecting its sports betting operations through IBIA’s world-leading integrity network.

Khalid Ali, CEO, IBIA

The IBIA recently published its Q2 integrity report. The body identified 50 suspicious cases in the quarter and reported them to relevant sports authorities. The IBIA noted that 19 of the alerts were related to soccer matches, while 14 were related to tennis games.


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