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WINk’s Poloniex Integration Goes Through with Flying Colors

WINk inked a partnership deal with Poloniex, a respected online cryptocurrency exchange, and fulfilled a long-term goal for the project by listing its token on the exchange.

Poloniex Lists WINk Proprietor Token on the Exchange

As of August 18, 2020, WINk entered into a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Poloniex, one of the oldest and most reputable online cryptocurrency exchanges. Through this joint venture, both parties will utilize their leading-edge technology in their collaborative goal of creating the first-ever blockchain-based platform for the entertainment industry worldwide.

With Poloniex’s unprecedented asset security and top-tier accounts system, the integration will make WINk the first blockchain-based entertainment complex that effortlessly supports over 100 digital assets for transactions and usage. On the other hand, Poloniex users will also benefit from an improved trading experience and WINk’s proposed entertainment platform.

This unique partnership is an excellent opportunity for WINk to improve its business model as well as for both companies to explore their potential limits. From the short two months of working together, the teams have poured in all their resources and worked incredibly hard and this is reflected in the results they’ve achieved today. This serves as a great example of the possibilities formed from strategic partnerships within the Blockchain industry.

Poloniex Has Faith in WINK’s Potential

“We have faith in WINk’s potential,” these are the words of Poloniex Head of Product Edward Lee shared as part of the official integration. He continued by adding that:

“It arguably represents the best mix of blockchain and entertainment in the industry. The Poloniex engineering team has worked incredibly hard to make the partnership possible. This partnership is an unprecedented one. A first of its kind, and with no ready experience to draw on, all we can do is to explore. For over two months, both sides have spared no effort to bring about the exciting results we see today.

The partnership is of great significance to not only Poloniex and WINk, but also the entire industry, as it predicts a redefinition of the boundary between digital asset exchanges and blockchain-based entertainment. The whole industry stands to benefit.”

WINk, formerly known as TRONBet, will continue growing to maintain its position as one of the best self-directed decentralized applications and will work towards upgrading from a TRON-based platform to a fuller multi-platform entertainment complex, powered by blockchain.

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