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WINk Gives Update on Poloniex Integration and Site Version 1.0.2 has released a major update, addressing community concerns about the arrival of the next update, growing supply of the currency and actual scalability of the project.

WINk Addresses Community Questions, Charts a Future Course of Action

Decentralized DApp gaming platform WINk has released an update focusing on answering questions that have been coming up on the company’s Telegram channel. In an official blog post, WINk discussed the delay of the new user interface (UI) and site update, which were originally scheduled for April.

The company clarified that, at first, it had decided to wait until after the integration of the Poloniex wallet and multi-currency drops enabled. While developers expected to complete the integration sooner, technical challenges have arisen, forcing WINk and Poloniex to defer the launch.

However, a growing interest in the new site has prompted WINk to reconsider and go ahead with an earlier launch for the new website while Paloniex’s integration is still work in progress. The company has also promised a new Dice/Live game developed by the in-house team, but no further details were provided, citing competition concerns.

Once, the Paloniex integration and the release of website version 1.0.2 has been completed, the company will proceed with mass marketing, followed by a wave of actions designed to increase the value of sub tokens.

Enacting Measures, Bringing Scalability and Restoring Trust

In light of this, WINk posted an update of its current WIN token supply, citing strategic partnerships, platform development, seed sale, reserve, airdrop and more. The total circulating supply as of May 7, according to WINk, was 313,607,571,387 WIN.

The company also provided answers to specific questions brought repeatedly by the community. Some stake holders were interested in whether WINk developers are solely committed to the project or work for other companies as well.

WINk explained that it runs its project with a dedicated team of full-time developers. The company elaborated on the challenges that have arisen in the integration of the Poloniex wallet into WINk, acknowledging that other Dapps have already had successful integration.

WINk is interested in reducing the high supply of its WIN token and is currently in talks with CoinMarketCap, the official update stated. CMC will finalize an integration offering stake holders quick and reliable updates in real-time as to the current supply of the token.

To achieve better scalability and benefit from its mass-marketing efforts, will continues to focus on three key segments, to name LIVE, DICE, and RAKE. Following the addition of multi-currencies drops, WINk will also take a look into poker.

Higher RAKE drops are also on the roadmap, with the team suggesting that it should increase the WIN token’s value. While WINk may have missed some deadlines, the platform acknowledged that the sole purpose of the company was to provide honest and dependable information in every AMA.

Poloniex’s integration remains the next Herculean feat WINk has to perform – and soon.

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