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WINk Updates Community on Samsung Store, Poloniex, and More

WINk has published the latest Q&A with the community, encompassing various queries, starting from the potential inclusion of the company in the Galaxy Store to the legal implications of integrating Poloniex and retaining access from the United States.

WINk’s and the Community in the Latest Update

In the latest Q&A session with the WINk community on May 16, the company answered a number of questions. The highlight of the session was the community’s interest in whether WINk would be featured in the Galaxy Store. This comes several weeks after Samsung announced that they allow TRON decentralized apps.

WINk confirmed that it had started talks with relevant parties to see if this would be possible. Another question addressed the feasibility of having a dedicated app. As per WINk answer, the company is already developing its proprietor application and a software solution such as that is something WINk was interested in.  

Following a string of crypto poker tournaments, WINk confirmed that it was looking to have an annual poker tournament as well. However, the company cautioned that it would first look to complete all tasks on the bucket list for Q2 before moving onto new endeavors.

WINk did confirm that it had already asked potential players if they would be interested in a charity poker tournament, similar to the one organized by several crypto parties, including Bitcasino. Bitcasino’s event raised 20 BTC to donate to the COVID-19 relief efforts.

Concerns over Access to WINk Post-Poloniex Integration

In a previous update, WINk addressed concerns over the delayed integration of the Poloniex exchange as well as the upcoming new version of its website. Some users brought up a different issue this time around, expressing concern whether users from the United States would be able to play on WINk and receive multi-dividends post-integration.

WINk acknowledged that it would need additional time to come up with a reply. Another question concerned the integration of a Dice platform, a popular type of gaming solution on the TRON and blockchain gaming network in general.

WINk responded that the company was first finalizing its Live Platform before turning its attention to Dice. The community also requested a Live Chat to avoid the process of visiting the official Telegram chat for solutions.

WINk provided a detailed explanation as to why Live chat wouldn’t be feasible in the near future, citing staff requirements and the current focus on the website fully dedicated on making the platform technically feasible first.

The platform confirmed that it was still working on solutions to incentivize long-term WINk token holders, but had kept coming empty-handed for the time being. However, once Q2 tasks are solved, WINk would take a closer look into the matter, the official update said.

A new user interface (UI) is now expected to arrive in May, providing that everything goes smoothly WINk cautioned.

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