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DappReview: Tron, the Las Vegas on the Blockchain

Tron, the decentralized infrastructure network, has been hailed as the “Las Vegas on the block chain” by DappReview, a user insight and market analytics on the blockchain provider company. Its founder, second wave crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun, who made his fortune through Bitcoin in 2012, touted last week a new upgrade to the platform that will include more privacy features and enterprise applications.

Steady Dapps Growth

According to recent DappReview, Tron has 768 active dapps, decentralized apps the platform allows developers to build on it, and more than 230,000 users, with the bulk of the business revolving around the field of crypto gambling, which is largely unregulated. Casino dapps on Tron comprised 92% of its $411 million in total transactions for the first quarter, a finding Tron’s founder stated was inaccurate as these types of transactions were only a fraction of the total.

Adding Etherium Support

The decentralized blockchain network that has been accused by Digital Asset Research of copying Etherium’s code without attribution, and by the co-founder of Etherium Vitalik Buterin of stealing words from other projects’ whitepapers, has recently added to its digital wallet support for the Etherium blockchain. In essence, the Tron business is looking for niche customers, namely gamers and gamblers that are crypto savvy and generate a lot of transactions.

Presence in Samsung’s Mobile Store

The blockchain network, since its inception, has been augmented with the acquisitions of live-streaming services DLive and file-sharing service BitTorrent, as well as partnership deals, the most prominent of which with Samsung Electronics, to allow for Tron dapps to be downloaded via the mobile store of the Korean technology manufacturer and expand on an initial deal from October 2019.

Expansion and Acquisitions

In May, Justin Sun announced its decentralized blockchain platform achieved a major milestone by reaching 6 million registered addresses. Data from blockchain explorer Tronscan displayed the network’s steady growth in numbers, with an average of 10,000 new addresses created on it every day and 1.3 million transactions on the main chain and the Sun chain for May 28.

After acquiring BitTorrent, Steemit, and Poloniex, Tron is now looking into capturing the stablecoin market by hosting Tether on the blockchain and by launching its own stablecoin called USDJ.


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