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Crypto Casino MyPrize Goes Live After $13M Funding Round

MyPrize’s goal is to leverage Bet Together tech to create engaging experiences where customers can engage with streamers

MyPrize, a crypto gambling specialist, has launched its international real-money gaming platform in international markets alongside a US-oriented social gaming site. The launches follow two funding rounds which helped the company secure $13 million, raising its enterprise value to a whopping $140 million.

Thanks to backing from Dragonfly, Boxcars Ventures and CEO Peter Smith, MyPrize was able to gain the traction it needed. The company currently has over 150,000 registered users across its international and US-oriented sites. MyPrize has also secured a following of over 100,000 people on X.

The crypto gambling company offers over 500 games from a variety of industry-leading suppliers, such as Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play. In addition, it allows its customers to withdraw in-game US dollars into a cryptocurrency of their liking.

Speaking of dollars, US players will also get to enter sweepstakes to win amazing prizes.

The Platform Will Leverage Streaming to Engage Players

MyPrize’s goal is to leverage Bet Together tech to create engaging experiences where customers can engage with streamers. Speaking of streamers, MyPrize has already secured several major names in streaming, including AsianAndy, KingWoolz, TSteezy and WestBTW. All four of them boast more than 150,000 followers on Twitch each, setting up MyPrize for success.

In addition to teaming up with streaming powerhouses, MyPrize has also secured a partnership with 100 Thieves, a leading American lifestyle brand and gaming organization. This will provide MyPrize with access to additional streaming and content-creating talent, allowing the platform to tap into a global community of viewers and players.  

For context, MyPrize allows streamers to host dedicated rooms where fans can watch their livestreams and enjoy seeing them play MyPrize’s games.

For streamers, this will be a great opportunity to make more money. MyPrize has promised its content creators that their earnings will never get capped, allowing them to continuously grow their income by attracting new users.

MyPrize Will Provide Vegas-Like Experiences

The crypto casino was founded by Zach Bruch, a noteworthy FTX trader and crypto specialist. According to Bruch, MyPrize’s goal is to offer online fans experiences that are on par with gambling on the Las Vegas Strip or in Macau.

Bruch pointed out that MyPrize seeks to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the online sector and lean into the strengths offered by “massive communities that have managed to forge deep interpersonal connections within message boards and chat rooms.”

MyPrize’s CEO and founder concluded that he cannot wait to see what MyPrize and its creators can accomplish together.


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