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Macomb County Woman Scores $100K Prize from the Michigan Lottery

The prize came from the Lottery's 500X Money Maker second chance draw

Every person who enjoys the lottery knows that chances for a big prize vary depending on the game. But even if a ticket isn’t a winning one, many lotteries offer second chance options that also have mouth-watering prizes.

In one such case from Macomb County, Michigan, a woman who scanned her non-winning tickets secured a hefty second chance prize. The winner, a 49-year-old woman who chose to remain anonymous, regularly played the lottery and purchased 500X Money Maker tickets from the Michigan Lottery.

The 500X Money Maker lottery game allows the lottery players to scan non-winning tickets for a shot at a second chance prize. This is exactly what the Macomb County woman did and her efforts paid off big time, after she secured a $100,000 prize from the game.

As noted, non-winning tickets for the Lottery’s 500X Money Maker game can be registered for a second chance prize. To do this, lottery players can use a scanner provided via the Michigan Lottery’s mobile app.

Scanning the non-winning tickets grants the lottery players a chance to secure prizes between $500 and $100,000. The second chance prizes that remain outstanding include one $100,000 prize and five prizes of $10,000 each. Lower-tier second chance prizes are also up for grabs with 20 winners expected to win $1,000 each and a prize of $500 each awaiting another 60 people.

In light of the recent win, one more drawing is expected to be held. The next drawing of the 500x Money Maker second chance game is scheduled for June 21, 2024.

The Lucky Winner Couldn’t Believe It at First

Earlier this week, the lucky lottery winner visited the Michigan Lottery to collect her prize. She said that she scanned “a lot” of non-winning tickets ahead of the second chance draw and hoped to secure a good prize.

I got a phone call informing me I’d won $100,000, but I didn’t believe it at first,

said the lucky winner when claiming her prize at the Michigan Lottery

The 49-year-old received a call from a lottery official and said that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing at first. “I went and got my son and had the Lottery employee repeat what she’d said so I could see what he thought. After talking it over for a while, we agreed it must be real, and it turns out it is,” she added.

The lucky lottery winner said that the jackpot prize came at the perfect moment for her, adding that having the money was a “relief.” When asked what she plans to do with the money, the 49-year-old said that she intends to save it.


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