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TronWallet Adds Ethereum Releases Update 3.2

Cryptocurrency storage solution TronWallet has added support for the Ethereum blockchain in the first big move for the company in Q2 2020, which will be followed by a number of other milestone updates further into the year.

TronWallet Adds Ethereum Support, Outlines 2020 Roadmap

TronWallet began Q2 2020 by making sure that Ethereum is a supported cryptocurrency and blockchain moving forward. The addition follows the integration of TRON and Bitcoin and comes as popular demand for the move had been mounting.

The move has passed social approval with the community rallying between the innovation and embracing it in full. Yet, the company has more planned for it further down the road, including a new brand and new websites that are next on the list.

TronWallet will then focus on adjusting TWX Staking (5-10% APR) and establishing Stable Bitcoin (BTCD). The company will work on a Samsung Integration and later develop a secure multi-chain wallet core mechanism, the official roadmap informs.

Towards the end of the quarter, TronWallet will seek to add over 10 major coins to its offer and create a new referral program to help increase interest in what it offers and boost awareness. Stepping into Q3, the company will add Stable Brazilian Real (BLRX), continuing its policy of adding more traditional FIAT currency and adjusting them for the blockchain.

TronWallet’s efforts will remain dedicated to the BLRX in Q3 with a Dapp Incubator Program to come right after this. To mark the end of the year, in Q4 2020, the company will launch the Gods of Arena Crowdfunding (GODS) and then push forth with the TWX Gamification Engine.

TronWalletUpdate 3.2: New Features and Bug Fixes

The company has also managed to release another major update, fixing 27 bugs, installing 7 improvements, and adding a total of 10 new features. The first significant step was the addition of ETH, we have mentioned.

Moving forward, all ERC20 tokens based on the ETH blockchain will be available as tradable currencies. Worldwide, the downloads have surpassed 190,000 instances and the average daily users (DAU) stays at 12,000 with another 50,000 for average monthly users.

The company is also a supporter of cross-chain interoperability, and with this said the addition of the Ethereum blockchain to Bitcoin and TRON is not an end in itself. TronWallet wants to build a Dapp ecosystem that allows interaction.

Following the update, the tool has a built-in Swap tool to facilitate exchanges between several pairs, including:

  • ETH/TRX and TRX/ETH;
  • ETH/BTC and BTC/ETH;

Among the number of improvements, TronWallet has also made it easier to set up new accounts and restore old ones. For the full list of changes, you can visit the official Update 3.2 blog post available at the company’s Medium publishing directory.


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