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Unikrn Partners with ZED RUN to Launch Blockchain Horse Racing

The worlds of esports and horse racing are among the most lucrative ventures on the planet right now. That said, renowned esports betting platform Unikrn is now seeking to combine the two in a bid to extend their footprint across both of the sectors. To that effect, the company has recently inked a lucrative partnership agreement with horsing racing game ZED RUN in order to bring horse race betting to the Ethereum blockchain. The new game is based on the standard non-fungible token (NFT) that was made famous by the very popular CryptoKitties from Dapper Labs.

Needless to say, becoming a racehorse owner and breeder can be quite difficult owing to the vast amount of cash that is required to fund such ventures. So many would love to do this but owing to the mind-boggling costs, it remains to be nothing more than another entry in their wish lists.

With Unikrn’s and ZED RUN’s new betting and gaming solution, these fans will finally have the opportunity to live out their dreams of being racehorse breeders and owners albeit in the virtual space. It is a futuristic product that is expected to appeal mostly to the newer generation of gamblers who are always looking for new and authentic experiences to dive into.

How Does It Work?

ZED RUN and Unikrn went all in with this project and the end result is something that will impress almost everyone. The blockchain horse racing project includes a whopping 38,000 unique horses all of which were created by ZED. Each of these horses is assigned its own unique attribute and they are named after Crypto bloodlines based on the names of popular figures in the world of crypto. Some of the names that the players are certainly bound to come across include Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin.

The 38,000 horses mentioned above will be available for purchase and interested players can buy them. It is worth noting that no more new horse will be created by ZED RUN. However, players will have the opportunity to generate more horses by combining male and female horses from different owners and bloodlines. The horses that will result from this will also have their own unique attributes. Data bout each of these horses will be trackable using the ERC-721 standard from Ethereum and they can be purchases from a special Unikrn platform.

“We’re trying to bridge the gap between modern-day wagering and blockchain. You can own a horse. Your horse can win prizes and your horse can gain notoriety. We’re catering to a very broad audience, not just young people.”

Unikrn Chief Executive Officer Rahul Sood.

If you are ready for some gaming action you should note that the horse races will start from mid-March or later. Since Unikrn is a betting site, the platform will allow players to places esports bets on virtual horse races through the power of blockchain.


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