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likes: Marks Successful April, 2020: Moves Binarium Launch has released the company’s monthly report for April, 2020, a pivotal moment in the blockchain platform’s development, as it marks the beginning of the second quarter. WINk began by acknowledging the challenges that lied ahead and sharing the excitement of the community to see those highly-anticipated big changes happen.

The official update argued that Q1 was just as challenging, but the company was pleased with the progress achieved over the first three months of the year. Those challenges experienced in Q1, though, had not been setbacks, WINk clarified, but rather an opportunity to grow.

As to April’s monthly update, it looked into key numbers, such as drop amounts, platform additions WIN buybacks and burn figures. Just recently, WINk said that it’s also looking into ways to list its app on the Samsung Galaxy Store after the TRON Foundation and Samsung struck a partnership late in April

The Monthly Drops and $WIN APR

WINk’s company model focuses on giving back to the community, redistributing the wealth with stakeholders and users. Daily profits generated by the company are always divvied up between token holders, the company clarified. This extends to all games played at WINk. Commenting on the exact numbers, WINk said that the current APR for $WIN token was 35.4%.

Back to back, the WIN drops were 2,4000 TRX for March and 1,850 TRX for April. Dice drops in the meantime stood at 1,780 TRX for March and 1,610 TRX for April. As to the company’s live drops, the March total was 2,250 TRX and April’s 1,360 TRX.

WINk explained that Live and Dice tokens are not available for purchase, but can be obtained by mining, i.e. playing the available games on the WINk platform. As to the specific costs of this operation, they amounted to:

  • 7.4 TRX per Dice
  • 4.5 TRX per Live

Stacking the Platform High with New Additions

In April, the company also added a new software provider, Platipus, to its offer, expanding its portfolio. WINk held a four-day mining event to celebrate the new slot arrivals.

Since Platipus products were introduced, over 14 million spins have been played. The company is still running interesting events to benefit from, including the “Super Slots Friday,” which will grant players 2x LIVE token mining bonus on the new slots by the supplier.

Overall, the number of new games amounts to 40 in April alone, expanding the platform’s clout by a fair bit.

Binarium Makes an Unexpected Entry

WINk informed the community that it had expedited the development timeline for Binarium, releasing a short beta in April and moving the Q3, 2020 schedule a bit, for May. While Binarium is not around for a few more days, or indeed weeks, WINk confirmed that it received positive feedback from the community. The hoping is that the Binary Options Trading will provide the community with a new mode of betting, and the official launch is now looked forward to.

How about the Sports Betting Options?

With a well-diversified portfolio, WINk has never been dependent on just one vertical. The team has stepped up its efforts to seek alternative sources of activity. Betting volume remained low, naturally, due to the worldwide lockdown that has suspended most professional sporting events.

WINk has tapped into the community wisdom to see how it can better market sports solutions in future, relating the feedback to the company’s sports partners. Sports betting is still work in progress at WINk, showing high value nevertheless.

Social Media Makes Another Splash

WINk has shown a strong growth over the period – both as a company and in terms of social following. Since GamblingNews started reporting on the project, WINk has consistently delivered worthwhile and newsworthy updates, convincing us it’s one of the most interesting blockchain gaming and betting projects out there right now.

In April alone, the company grew its followers by 6,000 people. In their official update, said they had released two large giveaways designed to advertise the $WIN token APR%. There were six mining events tweeted in April as well.

The focus of April’s tweets was mostly about the upsides of holding WIN, Live, and Dice tokens, the company said. Moving forward, WINk will focus on boosting its presence on Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and other community platforms.

Finally, WINk assured the community that it’s working hard on expediting the release of the UI beta, but also reminded the community to visit the official Medium blog post in which it explained why the delays had occurred in the first place.

For the in-depth report, feel free to visit WINk’s official Medium post on April’s numbers and milestones achieved.


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