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US Professional Mini-Golf Remains on the Rise

Pro League Network’s World Putting League Championship is currently available in eight states, presenting unique opportunities to bettors and operators

The League’s upcoming high-profile tournament launches on 26 June, promising enduring excitement during the traditional summer slowdown. Recent expansion in New Jersey and Pennsylvania highlights the growing interest in mini golf as a fun, engaging, and highly bettable alternative to mainstream events. Such positive results guarantee that the Pro League Network (PLN) will continue to invest in the sport, providing viewers with more engaging content.

The Championship’s Newest Edition Promises Thrilling Content

Professional mini-golf has recently gained substantial popularity, captivating enthusiasts and casual players. The sport’s competitive nature and strategic gameplay have garnered a dedicated following, aiding the growth of organized tournaments and championships. PLN has played a pivotal role in fostering these developments, providing a platform for professional mini-golfers to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

Thanks to PLN’s support of emerging and niche sports, the World Putting League Championship is now available across eight states. Live footage will be available on the network’s website, featuring exciting betting opportunities thanks to partnerships with high-profile operators like DraftKings and Betfred.

Launching on 26 June, the Championship’s newest edition will feature 12 of the world’s top putters giving it their all at Aloha MiniGolf’s Island Course. The athletes will compete in four groups of three, with the winners of each bracket advancing to the final round. Fans of the sport can enjoy the event live on the Action Network and World Putting League websites from noon to 2 pm Eastern Time.

Mini Golf Presents Substantial Opportunities

PLN’s commitment to supporting more niche sports experiences has paid significant dividends for the network, allowing it to capitalize on the seasonal lulls in mainstream leagues to offer viewers and bettors novel and exciting opportunities. Such events fill the gaps between operators’ schedules, improving engagement and granting much-needed exposure to underappreciated sports.

Mini golf is a natural fit for many sportsbooks, offering frequent in-game betting opportunities in a compact tournament format. PLN co-founders Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris noted the first two tournaments enjoyed significant success, justifying operator investments. They were excited regarding the upcoming event, expressing confidence in mini golf’s enduring popularity.

Our upcoming WPL Championship will be our biggest one yet and is a clear sign… that fans want to wager on sports that are easy to understand, fun to watch, and available during under-optimized times.

Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris, PLN co-founders

PLN’s expansion to two new jurisdictions widens the Championship’s reach and promotes the sport, engaging local communities and providing talented mini golfers with a platform to showcase their skills. The ability to engage new fans and businesses further solidifies the position of professional mini-golf as a dynamic and thrilling sport.

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