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Sportsbook Advocacy Group Hit with Hefty Fine in Maryland

Sports Betting Alliance received a $48,000 penalty for failing to disclose its spending within the mandated time limit

The Maryland State Board of Elections identified the violations during the 2020 campaign to legalize sports betting. Sports Betting Alliance (SBA) represents several high-profile operators benefiting from the proliferation of legalized wagering across the USA. Last-minute donations can significantly impact the voting process, necessitating the Board of Elections’ strict rules and harsh punishments.

The SBA Pushed for Sportsbook Legalization

Maryland’s regulations regarding financial contributions on political issues mandate that any promoting or advocating entity must disclose donations of $10,000 or more within 48 hours of donating. Failure to comply leads to fines of $1,000 per day or 10% of the organization’s expenditure in the state, whichever is greater.

The $48,000 penalty indicates a concerted effort by the Sports Betting Alliance to convince voters to support sports betting legalization. The organization represents leading US operators like BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fanatics, which reaped substantial benefits once Maryland opened its borders to sportsbooks, capitalizing on a previously untapped market.

A Sports Betting Alliance spokesperson noted that the record-setting fine resulted from a filing error and that the organization’s misreporting had no ill intent. They added that the group immediately set to work correcting the mistake, cooperating with the Board of Election to ensure compliance with regulations. The full scope of the SBA’s donations remains unclear, as campaign finance records do not accurately reflect the group’s activities.

Timely Reporting Is Vital for a Transparent Voting Process

The $48,000 fine sends a clear message that Maryland authorities do not take kindly to non-compliance with disclosure requirements. Such a substantial penalty can hopefully deter future violations, safeguarding transparency and accountability in the political donation process. Board of Elections director of candidacy and campaign finance Jared DeMarinis stressed the importance of adhering to the 48-hour limit and the implications of potential violations.

(Donations) usually come in the last possible second and could affect the election… You need to have very timely disclosure to ensure that individuals are making informed choices at the ballot box.

Jared DeMarinis, Maryland State Board of Elections director of candidacy and campaign finance

All four of the SBA’s constituent members are now Live in Maryland, benefiting from the rising momentum of the state’s sports betting industry. Their successful operations in the state have likely more than made up for the companies’ previous donations, highlighting the impact large corporations have on the US political landscape.

By holding organizations accountable for timely reporting, the Maryland Board of Elections aims to ensure the public is aware of the businesses behind advocacy efforts, allowing them to make informed decisions. Such transparency fosters confidence in the political process, holding all actors accountable for their practices.

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