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DraftKings and Betfred Take an Interest in Minigolf

The two operators will offer odds on The World Putting League (WPL) Championship, recognizing its wagering potential

The World Putting League was possible thanks to the efforts of data and streaming rights holder Pro League Network (PLN). The company specializes in niche sports, recognizing minigolf’s potential to deliver a thrilling betting experience. Operators DraftKings and Betfred are already on board with comprehensive odds and analyses, benefiting from the seasonal slowdown in high-profile sports events to deliver a more experimental experience.

Fans Can Wager on a Novel and Exciting Event

PLN has found substantial success targeting more niche sports experiences, especially those more suited to wagering. Minigolf is a true standout, offering a significantly more compact tournament than the PGA while retaining the many in-game betting opportunities. The fact has not escaped leading operators like DraftKings and Betfred, which have prepared an extensive program for the upcoming event.

The World Putting League Championship starts on 20 April, featuring 36 putters tackling four daily rounds on an 18-hole course. Partnering sportsbooks have already prepared the odds for the event, singling out pro putter Matt McCaslin as the most likely victor. Bettors can also wager on the lowest score for each round, each player’s holes in one, and many more.

The League is notable as the first US minigolf tournament to feature legal betting. PLN hopes that the option will appeal to fans of the sport and hopefully attract new audiences thanks to its popularity with casual players. This second iteration of the tournament will again broadcast live on the WPL website.

Even Niche Sports Can Generate Substantial Hype

Such increased Sportsbook attention should significantly benefit the US minigolf scene in the long run. PLN co-Founders Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris noted that the added revenue streams would allow niche sports to sustain themselves and hopefully grow their fanbases. According to them, such events could take advantage of days without many wagering options and help maintain better engagement.

There are passionate fans out there of sports that don’t make it on ESPN. These audiences are significant, loyal, and in many cases already bet informally.

Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris, PLN co-Founders

Introducing sports betting to smaller sports presents unique challenges and leaves them more susceptible to integrity violations. However, PLN has introduced rigorous procedures and data standards to combat potential breaches, depending on a state-by-state approval process. The first iteration of the World Putting League demonstrated that integrity was not an issue, so the trend will hopefully continue.

Securing the attention of two high-profile sportsbooks is a significant victory for US minigolf. The increased exposure will leverage existing fans and hopefully spread awareness of the exciting moments the sport can generate. With a growing audience, even a niche tournament can generate substantial interest, benefiting athletes, fans, and sportsbooks alike.

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