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Tim Miller Teases Information about the Second Batch of White Paper Consultations

The second batch of consultations is not fully finalized, but Miller teased that they will likely include socially responsible incentives and gambling management tools

UKGC executive director Tim Miller recently spoke at the Regulating the Game Conference, highlighting the topics that will be discussed during the next white paper consultations. With the first consultations set to end in October, Miller believes that the industry should start preparing for the next batch.

The First Consultations Attracted 1,800+ Responses

Miller started by reminding his audience that the British gambling market continues to be the largest licensed one in the world and one of the longest-established. In addition, Miller pointed out that the British market is one of the “more liberal regulated markets in the world” and has high levels of channelization.

However, Britain’s gambling law has not been updated since 2005 – a fact that prompted the recent reforms.

In July, the UKGC launched the first set of consultations, which saw the regulator consult age verification, high-intensity features, cross-selling, financial risk and vulnerability checks. Still live, the consultations allow British firms, consumers, interested organizations or individuals to provide their opinions on the matter until October 18.

The UKGC has so far received 1,800+ responses, Miller noted. He also pointed out that financial checks continue to be a misunderstood concept, which is why the UKGC published a related Q&A on its website earlier this month.

The Next Consultations Will Focus on Socially Responsible Incentives and Gambling Management Tools

Following the conclusion of the consultation period, the UKGC will take its time to review the responses it has received. After that, the authority plans to launch a second batch of consultations in early winter.

The second batch of consultations is not fully finalized, but Miller teased that they will likely include socially responsible incentives and gambling management tools.

Miller noted that the UKGC will continue to review the UK gambling laws in 2024 too, consulting the suggestions outlined in the white paper with the public. The entire process will likely take a while but the director stressed the importance of doing things right.

We think moving at this pace is achievable – and vitally – allows us to balance implementation of the White Paper recommendations with the needs of others whose views we want as part of those consultations.

Tim Miller, executive director, UKGC

Miller noted that the UKGC isn’t the only body interested in consulting the white paper recommendations and pointed out that the DCMS is also consulting the public on a number of topics.

In the meantime, the UKGC will continue to work with other industry bodies to explore new solutions, such as GamProtect’s single customer view and the creation of an Ombudsman. In addition to consulting possible changes to the UK market, the UKGC will continue to study the UK market, publishing studies and identifying key areas to focus on.

Miller concluded that the Gambling Act Review is the best opportunity to make evidence-based changes since 2005.

That it is an unmissable opportunity to make gambling safer, fairer and crime-free. So now is the time to push on and make sure that over the next couple of years, we make the most of it.

Tim Miller, executive director, UKGC

In other news, British horseracing authorities just launched a public survey on blanket affordability checks.


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