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British Racing Authorities Launch Public Survey on Blanket Affordability Checks

Responses will be anonymous, with the survey taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete

Four of Britain’s horseracing authorities, namely The British Horseracing Authority, Racing TV, At The Races and the Racing Post, have joined forces in opposition to the affordability checks model outlined in the white paper.

As a result, the four bodies launched a survey to bettors in the UK, asking them to share their views on the proposals ahead of the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) deadline for public responses (October 18).

For reference, the checks are a controversial measure that seeks to protect UK bettors from harm. However, some consumers fear that the measure might infringe on their privacy. Betting companies, meanwhile, are wary of the proposed checks as they might alienate players and lead to an increase in black market gambling.

The horseracing bodies’ new survey seeks to compile the betting community’s views in one place in an effort to make the UKGC reconsider its approach. According to the BHA, the survey will provide “clear and quantifiable evidence of racing fans’ opinion” on the checks.

British players can complete the survey by October 9. Responses will be anonymous, with the survey taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete. In addition, the BHA encouraged fans to respond to the UKGC’s consultation by October 18.

The Industry Must Stand Together

Representatives commented on the launch of the survey, highlighting the importance of preventing blanket checks that may cause more harm than good.

Greg Swift, the BHA’s director of communications and corporate affairs, expressed his team’s delight about the partnership with the other racing bodies. Swift asked the UKGC to reconsider its current proposal, saying that fans are also concerned about the measures.

We are also aware of the significant concern among racing fans about current and future affordability checks and are keen to provide them with a clear opportunity to have their views heard within the context of British racing’s consultation response.

Greg Swift, director of communications and corporate affairs, BHA

Meanwhile, Martin Stevenson, CEO of Racecourse Media Group, noted that it is very important to hear consumers’ opinions on the matter. He said that his company is “delighted to play its part in promoting such an important survey.”

Matthew Imi, CEO of At the Races, also commented on the matter, saying that the collaboration between the BHA, RMG, the Racing Post and At the Races will provide fans with a platform to express their opinion on their right to wager. Imi concluded that it is time for the betting industry and community to stand united.

Finally, Racing Post editor Tom Kerr noted that his team has received “thousands of emails” from angry and anxious consumers, fearing the prospects of blanket affordability checks.

It is vital that the voice of punters is heard in this consultation, and this survey is an important part of ensuring that happens.

Tom Kerr, editor, Racing Post

In other UK-related news, the FCA just announced its intention to further investigate the de-banking of gamblers.


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