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BetMGM Backs Gambling Treatment Pilot Program in Colorado

BetMGM partners with Kindbridge Behavioral Health to provide mental health services to self-excluded gamblers, jumpstarting recovery from gambling addiction

Colorado is taking a decisive step in addressing problem gaming by launching an innovative pilot program to provide mental health care to individuals suffering from gambling addiction. This unique initiative will act as an extension to Colorado’s new self-exclusion scheme, marking another milestone in the state’s efforts to foster a safe and sustainable industry.

Preemptive Action Will Prevent Potential Harm

This newest program offers a forward-thinking approach to addressing problem gaming in Colorado. When players voluntarily self-exclude from gambling activities with BetMGM, they will receive a complimentary mental health assessment from Kindbridge Behavioral Health. This extra push will provide a critical first step in identifying and addressing potential mental health issues related to problem gambling.

The ultimate goal of the pilot initiative is to help participants kickstart their recovery by providing essential mental health support. Gambling addiction can profoundly impact an individual’s mental and emotional well-being, and addressing these underlying issues is a crucial part of the recovery process. Kindbridge Behavioral Health founder & CEO Daniel Umfleet lauded BetMGM’s insight, hoping the project would gain traction.

Relationships like this make it considerably easier for individuals seeking care to find swift access to the services they need.

Daniel Umfleet, Kindbridge Behavioral Health founder & CEO

Participants in the program will also gain access to various support and educational groups that connect them with fellow problem gamblers. These group sessions aim to provide a sense of community and understanding among individuals facing similar challenges. Such interconnectedness can significantly enhance traditional telehealth services, improving the program’s effectiveness.

Colorado Makes Significant Strides in Player Protection

The collaboration between BetMGM and Kindbridge Behavioral Health perfectly aligns with the Colorado Division of Gaming (CDG)’s efforts to promote responsible gambling and safeguard individuals from the adverse effects of addiction. The program complements the recently implemented statewide self-exclusion scheme, introducing a much-needed player protection feature.

Another similar CDG initiative requires operators to implement a scoring system, helping promptly detect and respond to problem gambling behaviors. BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt stressed the importance of such collaborations, lauding Kindbridge’s innovative approach to mental health care. He added that gambling addiction presented unique challenges, necessitating a comprehensive approach.

We are eager to champion the growth and expansion of connecting problem gamblers with the crucial services they need.

Adam Greenblatt, BetMGM CEO

By partnering with Kindbridge Behavioral Health, BetMGM is taking a proactive approach to help those who have self-excluded from gambling activities on their platform. This initiative may serve as a model for other states looking to support responsible gambling and assist individuals during their recovery from gambling addiction.

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