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Kindbridge Unveils New Mental Health Program in Partnership with NFLPA

Kindbridge, the leading behavioral health expert, announced a first-of-its-kind mental health program in collaboration with the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF).

A New Mental Health Program Will Help Professional Athletes

The unique new program will seek to improve the mental health resilience of players and provide vital education. This is a first-of-its-kind player-only program. Players that participate in the program will be added to virtual groups where they will have the option to share confidentially among each other concerns they may have. Such concerns can include problem gambling, as well as anxiety, marital issues, depression or substance use, among other mental health concerns. A key goal for the program is for the players to share and leave no issues unaddressed.

A first-of-its-kind program group counseling and mental health resource that is aimed at dispelling the myths and alleviating the stigma surrounding mental health,

explains Kindbridge

The new program will collect data from the first six months of groups led by mental health specialists. This data will seek to determine the efficacy of those groups. On the other hand, data covering 18 months will be collected separately to determine what impact the program had on the mental health of the former players who participated. According to Kindbridge, the new program is developed in a way to enable “former players to leverage the PAF and other resources through the NFLPA.”

The Program Will Provide Vital Support

Daniel Umfleet, Kindbridge’s CEO and founder, explained that the recent program reaffirms PAF’s commitment to helping athletes address mental health issues. He added that it is exciting to see the Foundation lead by example and contribute toward lifting the stigma surrounding mental health issues in sports. 

The building of robust internal infrastructure to support psychological and mental health is a clear demonstration of the commitment of the Professional Athletes Foundation to take these issues seriously.

Daniel Umfleet, Founder and CEO of Kindbridge

At the same time, Umfleet acknowledged that gambling is a serious concern that may significantly impact the mental health of athletes. In conclusion, he said: “Together with the PAF we look forward to supporting former NFL players on their journey to better understanding their own mental health.”

Tyrone Allen, PAF’s director, added that the program comes after athletes requested such option. He pointed out that the program marks an important step toward offering mental health services for retired players.


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