November 29, 2022 3 min read


Tally Technology Boosts Fan Engagement Offerings with Sportradar

Tally Technology, a fan engagement solution provider and developer, announced a new partnership with sports data and technology giant Sportradar. The deal will strengthen Tally’s fan engagement platform, driving up player retention for the company’s many clients. It also paves the way for future cooperation, which should substantially benefit both parties’ expansion efforts.

Quality Data Will Bring More Engaging Content

Tally’s platform is popular among sportsbooks, broadcasters, leagues, and teams worldwide who wish to engage with their audience and boost player acquisition and retention. Focusing on high-frequency interactions, it aims to empower direct relationships with audiences and maximize revenue.

Thanks to the new deal, sports fans can benefit from Sportradar’s data from several professional leagues. The initial sports covered by the agreement are football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. The data will be instrumental in creating prediction games during the season and trivia contests in the off-season. This approach will help fans stay engaged throughout the year and boost retention.

Tally CEO Brad Vettese noted that collaborating with Sportradar would substantially bolster Tally’s content, strengthening its role as a core pillar of its clients’ marketing ecosystems.

The inclusion of Sportradar in Tally’s fan activation platform means that we can automate high-value destinations for avid and casual fans… on a global basis.

Brad Vettese, CEO of Tally Technology

Vettese further emphasized the increased monetization potential, noting that quality data would translate into more purchases and conversions, resulting in a healthier CRM ecosystem. The accumulated data would also allow customers better insight into potential new revenue streams.

The Partnership Will Bolster Both Companies

This strategic cooperation is a notable milestone in both companies’ expansion efforts. Tally Technology was initially focused on the USA but has since expanded its scope to Central and South America through a series of strategic partnerships. Earlier this month, the engagement solution provider inked a deal with Ambev, sharing its engagement-boosting prediction games with top-tier soccer clubs like Brazil Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro. Implementing Sportradar’s data should make Tally’s free-to-play fan solutions an even more attractive proposition for future partners.

Sportradar should also substantially benefit from yet another high-profile cooperation. The data and technology provider has had an outstanding 2022, winning multiple prestigious awards and significantly expanding its roster of partners. These successes were most evident in the company’s Q3 financial report, which exceeded expectations, recording revenue of $175.2 million- a 31% year-on-year increase. The company’s management team expressed their intentions to maintain the strong momentum into Q4, and the deal with Tally Technology marks a decisive step towards that goal.

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