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Svenska Spel to Publish Healthy Revenues Report

Svenska Spel explained that this reporting would align Svenska Spel with other Swedish licensees that already compile similar reports

Svenska Spel, Sweden’s state-owned operator, announced its intention to start reporting how “healthy” its revenues are. Mirroring Kindred’s Journey Towards Zero reports, the initiative will see the Swedish operator disclose what portion of its revenues come from low-risk customers.

According to Svenska Spel’s announcement, the first report of this kind will be published at the end of August and will cover the period April-June 2024. From then on, the healthy revenue figure will become a part of the operator’s regular reporting.

In justifying its decision to report its healthy revenues, Svenska Spel cited recent Spelinspektionen figures concerning the proliferation of gambling in the country. According to the 2023 report, approximately 75% of Swedish adults had gambled in some form in the past 12 months. While most of these customers did so responsibly, some were exposed to risks of addiction and gambling-related harm.

Svenska Spel explained that this reporting would align Svenska Spel with other Swedish licensees that already compile similar reports. It will also help the company show the public that gambling can be operated with minimal harm.

Svenska Spel Wants to Show Gambling Can Be Sustainable

Anna Johnson, Svenska Spel’s president and chief executive officer, commented on the matter, saying that her company wants to demonstrate that it is possible to run a gambling company in a sustainable way.

It is an important step in the work to increase trust in the gaming industry in general.

Anna Johnson, president & CEO, Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel’s chairman Erik Strand, also commented on the matter, saying that all serious gambling companies have a commitment to protect their customers and reduce the numbers of those who gamble more than they can afford.

In order to increase transparency in the gambling industry, it is important to report the share of healthy revenue, which is a central part of the work with responsible gambling.

Erik Strand, chair, Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel’s accounting, for reference, is based on risk models leveraging Playscan, the company’s in-house analysis tool. Playscan has been developed in partnership with Sustainable Interaction, an independent responsible gambling specialist.

Svenska Spel has been promoting a common measurement method and a clear definition of “healthy income” for years, although the Swedish sector has yet to reach an agreement on the matter.  


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