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Kindred Group Pledges to Responsible Gambling during Euro 2024

Ongoing efforts of the company in combination with historical data reaffirm its dedication to ensuring a safe and responsible entertainment for sports fans

Kindred Group, the operator behind a number of successful and popular online gambling brands, reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to responsible gambling amid one of the most awaited soccer competitions for the year, Euro 2024. The exciting tournament kicked off on Friday and is set to continue through mid-July.

During that time, Kindred expects to see a growth in the usage of responsible gambling tools, ensuring that its customers remain in control of their spending and engage in wagering responsibly.

Responsible gambling is an ongoing focus and priority for the company that launched an industry-first program called Journey Towards Zero, a unique initiative that seeks to decrease the revenue derived from harmful gambling. Kindred acknowledged that a large number of sports fans and bettors alike are going to tune in and place wagers for Euro 2024.

However, the company explained that based on past experience, an overwhelming majority of its customers engage in gambling responsibly. The leading betting and gaming giant highlighted the importance of its Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS), an innovative technology that helps identify customers who demonstrate signs of problem gambling or addiction.

So as Euro 2024 ignites excitement among football fans, Kindred is well placed to offer a safe and enjoyable betting experience. By deploying our technology and resources to ensure that betting remains a form of entertainment without compromising the well-being of our customers,

reads a statement released by Kindred Group

Moreover, Kindred reaffirmed that it remains dedicated to offering safe betting entertainment for soccer fans during Euro 2024. According to the company, its ongoing efforts are already showing positive change considering its latest Journey Towards Zero report which pointed to an 87.4% improvement for customers after intervention from the company.

Major Sports Events Help Expand the Usage of Responsible Gambling Tools

Kindred pointed to historical data it collected during important sports events that showed an uptick in the use of responsible gambling tools.

For example, before the World Cup in 2022, an estimated 45% of the company’s UK customers used at least one responsible gambling tool in their accounts. After the World Cup ended, the percentage of bettors using at least one voluntary tool had increased to 57%, a figure that is a testament to the successful responsible gaming strategy led by Kindred.

The results of young adults, under the age of 25, were just as promising. Before the World Cup in 2022, approximately 40% of Kindred’s UK customers within that group used at least one responsible gambling tool. After the competition, the usage had soared to 58%.


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