July 29, 2021 3 min read


Sportsflare Joins Forces With HUDstats to Bring Innovation to Esports Betting

Tiidal Gaming subsidiary Sportsflare, which owns and operates key businesses within the esports ecosystem, will be collaborating with esports statistics provider HUDstats. With conjoined efforts, the two parties will be developing an innovative positional betting widget for three of the most popular esports titles. 

Introducing a Novel Positional Betting Widget

The two new partners will each help with the endeavor by using their unique strengths and knowledge of the gaming and betting industry. The new widget will cover Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2, and League of Legends and will be an invaluable addition to the esports gambling ecosystem. 

So what does this widget do, and how does it work? In short, it lets players bet on where and how the next important in-game happening will occur. For example, esports bettors can bet on which team is going to score the next kill, which bomb site will the terrorist players choose for the bomb in Counter-Strike, which tower is getting toppled next in Dota 2 or League of Legends, etc.

This allows esports gamblers to make numerous smaller wagers over the course of a single esports match. Moreover, it can make the experience way more exciting and involving as the bettor will not be merely interested in the outcome of the game but will be actually invested in how the match unfolds, which team gets a head start, which team makes a comeback, and when does that happen, etc. It will also allow people to know the result of their wages faster, providing for a quicker payoff and satisfaction. 

Pushing for Innovation 

Sportsflare’s founder and chief executive officer, Max Polaczuk, commented on the newly-minted partnership. Polaczuk shared that he is glad to be hand in hand with a company such as HUDstats, which according to him, shares the same vision for the present and future of esports betting. The CEO hopes that the collaborative positional betting widget will serve to prove the two parties’ capabilities as a team.

HUDstats’ founder and chief executive officer, Andrei Balanescu, believes that the collaboration with Sportsflare marks a step forward for both parties involved. He is excited by how well Sportsflare’s innovative in-play odds complement HUDstats’ unparalleled visualization solutions. Balanescu firmly believes that by working together, the two partners can define the future of gambling in esports. 

Sportsflare recently signed another partnership with sports betting innovator Bet on Action Gaming. In that deal, Sportsflare will serve as BOA Gaming’s guide in learning more about the esports market. With both partnerships in place, it would seem Sportsflare is bullish on introducing innovations to the industry. 


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