July 29, 2021 3 min read

Entain Launches Initiatives to Support Vulnerable Esports Players

The sports betting and gaming entertainment leader launched the responsible gaming initiative ‘Mind Your Game’ aimed at helping players at risk. 

‘Mind Your Game’ Seeks to Prevent Gambling Addiction 

The global leader in sports betting and gaming entertainment, Entain, is working in the area of customer protection through various education and support initiatives. The company’s latest efforts in the field include the launch of ‘Mind Your Game’ in the UK, which aims to support video gaming and esports players at risk. 

The initiative will be carried out through the operator’s non-profit organization Entain Foundation, which will help the company widen its responsible gambling (RG) footprint in the UK and Europe. In addition, Entain will work in partnership with Game Quitters, a support community for video game addiction, and Kindbridge, a teletherapy company that specializes in gambling and gaming disorders.

Mind Your Game will disseminate information about the mental health issues that players might face and will also provide advice on how to access support. Additionally, the Entain Foundation has directed funds towards a social media educational initiative aimed at educating people about addiction among players in the UK. 

The initiative also includes a number of educational videos on YouTube with the titles Skin Gambling, Esports Betting, Spot the Problem, and Seek Help

Entain Provides 80% of GambleAware’s Donations in April-June 2021 

The list of Entain’s partners also includes EPIC Risk Management, an independent consultancy working on reducing gambling harm. Entain also collaborates with Counter-Strike Professional Players Association, which represents professional players across the esports. 

The foundation also enjoys the support of experts in the field, such as Dr Mark Griffiths, a professor of behavioral addiction and psychology, as well as academics from Harvard Medical Faculty School of Addiction

A few days ago, GambleAware published the list of donations it received from the gambling industry between April and June 2021. The numbers show that Entain contributed $2.7m to the group out of the total of $3.2m

“Our business is all about understanding and meeting the needs of customers, which means offering the most entertaining experiences whilst doing everything we can to protect them.” 

Grainne Hurst, director of safer gambling and regulation, Entain 

Hurst added that the company’s long-term success and sustainability strategy includes delivering the highest possible levels of player safety and protection. Entain committed to investing $139m in educational and support projects led by the Foundation by 2025. 

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