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Entain Is a Top Donator for GambleAware in Q1, 2021

UK’s responsible gambling charity, GambleAware, published details regarding donations and pledges received from businesses deriving income from gambling in Britain. The charity noted that it has received $3.2 million in donations and pledges for the three months ending June 30, 2021. The biggest donation which GambleAware received was $2.7 million, provided by Entain, one of the largest global sports betting and gaming companies.

GambleAware Reveals List of Donations for Q1, 2021

GambleAware, the UK responsible gambling charity, unveiled details on Monday regarding donations made for the three months ending June 30, 2021. The charity unveiled that, in Q1 2021, it has received a total of $3.2 million (£2.3 million) in the form of voluntary donations and pledges from the gambling industry (excluding regulatory settlements).

Under the current regulations in Britain, licensed gambling businesses must contribute with donations for treating gambling, research, as well as education. As an organization that deals with those matters, GambleAware asks licensed businesses that are profiting from gambling in the country to donate a minimum of 0.1% of their annual Gross Gambling Yield (GGY). Businesses making less than $345,000 (£250,000) annually may donate a minimum of $345 (£250).

GambleAware’s Top Donator: Entain

With its $2.7 million (£2.0 million) donation, Entain is undoubtedly the company that contributed the biggest amount in Q1 2021. The second-highest amount donated is $69,000 (£50,000), which GambleAware received by Videoslots. Another big donation of $41,500 (£30,000) was made by Broadway Gaming Limited, according to details released by the gambling charity. Similar to Broadway Gaming, Apricot Investments also donated $41,500 (£30,000) in Q1, 2021.

In Q1 2021, Star Racing Ltd contributed some $29,000 (£20,720), while Virgin Bet Limited donated $23,500 (£16,892). Intouch Games Ltd made three separate donations, $6,500 (£4,700) each, donating a total of $19,600 (£14,100) in Q1, 2021. Skill On Net Ltd also contributed by donating $15,300 (£11,000) in the first quarter of 2021.

GambleAware Receives Pledges and Additional Donations

Besides the donations, GambleAware revealed that it received $91,000 (£65,605) in the form of pledges from BetVictor Limited. On the other hand, Mansion Europe Holdings Limited contributed a $13,900 (£10,000) pledge, while Novomatic AG helped GambleAware with $7,000 (£5,000). Additional donations that the charity received include $30,500 (£22,000) from STS.BET Limited. GambleAware has also received $31,700 (£22,800) from One Click Limited.

The charity explained that only donations and pledges received up to June 30, 2021, are a part of that report. Donations or pledges which GambleAware has received after that period will be announced this October. The charity also explained that the most recent list of donations includes only donations that derive from companies that have income from gambling activities.


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