August 22, 2023 3 min read


Spelinspektionen Comes under Review as Sweden Evaluates Its Work

This move comes in response to the evolving regulatory landscape in the Swedish gambling industry, marked by the introduction of new regulations and policies

The Swedish National Audit Office has announced its intention to conduct a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of Spelinspektionen’s supervision of the country’s gambling market. This investigation will comprehensively evaluate the regulator’s actions, strategies, and overall effectiveness in achieving the objectives set by the Swedish national gambling policy, helping address any potential deficiencies.

Regular Updates Will Keep Stakeholders Informed

The audit office will delve into Spelinspektionen’s performance as a regulatory body. The review will comprehensively evaluate the regulator’s actions and strategies via qualitative methods like interviews and document reviews. Other approaches like statistical and data analyses will complement these results, providing the audit office with the most accurate possible picture.

Swedish gambling policy aims to create a secure and responsible gambling environment that generates funds for beneficial purposes while minimizing the potential for harm to consumers and combating illegal activities. The audit office will evaluate how well Spelinspektionen achieved these goals and gauge the regulator’s overall performance in counteracting gray market operators.

Low channelization rates remain among the audit office’s primary concerns, as only 77% of consumers used regulated and legal offerings. The figure starkly contrasts Sweden’s official 90% channelization goal, meaning many gamblers remain at risk from unlicensed operators. The audit office stated it would release additional information as the audit progressed, keeping stakeholders informed.

Such Inspections Are Vital for Fairness and Accountability

The gambling industry’s dynamic nature and changing regulatory conditions necessitate a thorough review of Spelinspektionen’s oversight mechanisms. Sweden’s recent regulatory reforms marked a decisive step in the right direction, giving the regulator additional enforcement powers, establishing supplier licenses, and enforcing more effective collaboration between operators and the police regarding gambling-related crimes.

As the audit progresses, its findings will provide valuable insights to gambling industry stakeholders, policymakers, and the wider public. Such accountability is vital in ensuring Spelinspektionen’s actions and policies remain transparent and that the regulator stays true to its mission to maintain a safe and responsible gambling market that aligns with the broader objectives of national gambling policy.

The audit’s outcomes should significantly contribute to ongoing discussions about the future of gambling regulation in the country and the overall integrity of the Swedish gambling industry. As the country’s market reaches an equilibrium, stamping out the unregulated sector and ushering in a safe gambling market capable of raising money for good causes remain leading priorities.

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