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Karin Schnarr Takes Up the Mantle of AGCO CEO and Registar

This appointment marks a significant step in the evolution of AGCO’s leadership team as it navigates Ontario’s complex and dynamic regulatory landscape

Karin Schnarr brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. Her impressive academic background and extensive research in strategic management provide her with the skills and knowledge necessary to elevate the regulator’s operation and help it meet emerging challenges. Schnarr’s appointment marks a vital milestone in AGCO’s efforts to ensure player protection and responsible gambling practices.

Schnarr Continues a Tradition of Excellence

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) began its search for a new CEO and registar after former chief executive Tom Mungham announced his retirement in March. His reputation as an exemplary leader set a high standard for his eventual successor, as the regulator set out to find a worthy replacement. Mungham’s departure marks a new stage for the organization as it adapts to the ever-changing gambling landscape.

As Karin Schnar steps into her new role, AGCO will benefit from her fresh perspective to remain one of Canada’s best-performing regulators. The new CEO acknowledged that she had large shoes to fill, promising to advance the authority’s vital efforts in ensuring customer safety. She was excited to tackle the position’s unique challenges, promising to leverage all her skills and knowledge.

Excited to be joining a strong and vibrant organization that works every day to ensure consumer protection, efficient business practices, and a people-first focus.

Karin Schnar, AGCO CEO and registar

Schnar has impressive academic and consulting experience, previously working as an Associate Professor, Strategic Management at the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she headed MBA and BBA Programs. Her high-profile positions in the Ontario government include Chief of Staff to ministers in multiple portfolios, giving her a unique perspective on policy development, stakeholder engagement, and strategic decision-making.

The Regulator Will Emerge Stronger and More Flexible

As AGCO CEO, Schnar’s primary priority will be to advance the organization’s mission of ensuring the integrity, safety, and fairness of Ontario’s alcohol and gaming sectors. Her strategic mindset and commitment to effective policy implementation align closely with AGCO’s mandate to regulate and oversee these industries accountably and transparently.

Schnar will utilize her extensive Board of Directors and governance experience to maintain the regulator’s vital advisory role and aid its ongoing battle against unregulated gambling operators. Her leadership will be invaluable in navigating regulatory challenges, fostering collaboration with stakeholders, and promoting responsible practices within the industries under AGCO’s jurisdiction.

AGCO’s decision to appoint Karin Schnarr as its new CEO and registrar reflects its commitment to bringing on board leaders who possess a combination of academic rigor, strategic insight, and a deep understanding of effective policy implementation. As she steps into her new role, Schnarr is poised to lead AGCO into a new era of effective regulation, innovation, and stakeholder engagement.

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