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Responsible Gambling Efforts by Swedish Operators Show Positive Results

In 2022, the three major Swedish operators, Kindred Group, Svenska Spel and ATG, initiated the sharing of internal data on responsible gambling initiatives, submitting it every six months to the Swedish gambling regulator

Leading Swedish gambling operators, Kindred Group, Svenska Spel, and ATG, have released their latest data on responsible gambling in Sweden, revealing that a significant number of players change their behavior after being contacted by the operators.

Operators Release Responsible Gambling Metrics in Sweden

In an effort to promote transparency and responsible gambling, the three operators began sharing internal data on their responsible gambling initiatives in the autumn of 2022. The data is submitted to the Swedish gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, every six months.

The published data covers four key areas: the percentage of players contacted due to risky gambling behavior, the impact of operator contact on players, the number of players who reduced their problem gambling habits, and the percentage of players who completely stopped gambling.

During the period under review, Kindred reported that 0.5% of its customers were contacted over suspected or at-risk problematic gambling behavior. This percentage remained consistent with the previous six-month period. 

Of those contacted, 75.1% reduced their gambling activities after interacting with the operator, and 75.8% decreased their average gambling deposits. Additionally, 1.1% chose to self-exclude from Kindred’s platform for less than six months, while 0.8% opted for a self-exclusion period of six months or longer.

Additionally, in April Kindred Group disclosed a reduction in its revenue share from harmful gambling for the first quarter of 2023.

ATG’s Responsible Gaming Efforts Yield Positive Results: 57.3% Reduce Gambling

ATG, on the other hand, contacted 1.9% of its customers regarding their gambling behavior during the period, an increase from the previous six months’ figure of 1.4%. Following operator contact, 57.3% of users reduced their gambling, and 61.1% decreased their deposits. Moreover, 1.4% of customers chose to self-exclude for up to six months, while 1.9% opted for a self-exclusion period longer than six months.

Sophie Linghag, the head of fair play at ATG, commented: “It is important that ATG, Kindred and Svenska Spel continue to report key figures for responsible gaming in an equivalent manner. Transparency helps to drive the gambling industry in a more sustainable direction. The key figures should be reported because they form the core of the duty of care, an important provision in the Gambling Act: monitor risky gambling patterns, initiate contact, and ensure limited gambling when there are reasons for it. “

Although Svenska Spel did not provide full figures, CEO and president Patrik Hofbauer noted that seven out of ten customers reduced their gambling habits after being contacted by the operator. The positive effect of the operator’s measures was emphasized, particularly in light of the company’s marginal year-on-year increase in net gaming revenue, primarily driven by digital growth.


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